Share Your Address with Qr Code Image

Share Your Address With QR Code Image in Facebook and Google Plus.

You should be familiar with the tagging of images in your Facebook or Google Picasa Web. Sharing your address and information can be done in much more fun, out of ordinary way. We suggest you generate QR Code image with your name, email address and contact information. QR Code your contact information is a unique thing to do.

As an example of QR Code is contact information that is available from this link.

QR Code is a code image in the specific forms that allow the use of cameras in the delivery of specific information. It is the successor to bar codes and are increasingly popular in the sharing of information in business cards, posters and many more.

You can generate QR Code by visiting this website

Zxing Generator

QRcode Little Idiot

To read the QR code in your mobile phone, search for QR Code reader or scanner in the market place and install it. By running the QR Code reader and then pointing your phone camera to QR code, the information can be scan and included directly in the phone.

Apart from your personal information, QR code can be used to share information and events website. Please refer to the Malaysia Open Source Conference 2012

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