Is Dark Orbit Dying???

This is a review that I thought I would put out after the new "monetization" upgrade BigPoint did here recently.

          I have been playing Dark Orbit for some time now. When I began I payed some moderate fees to have extras in the game that free players did not have. Those costs were acceptable.  At the time, the Dark Orbit game itself was also operating really really smoothly. I was very satisfied with the game play and things, as far as pvp goes were on the fair side.

          And then came the new gates and drone skins . Accommodated by those dreaded green boxes in space with promises of LF-4’s. Of course these “booty” boxes cost uri . Then , before people really had the time to get the upgrades, here comes the upgradable weapons,shield, and drones. What are they costing you ask??? Why more uri of course.

          In my opinion, Big Point’s rush to make money will alienate new players, and the ones that are here will get tired of spending money eventually. From the looks of it, to me, dark orbit is slowly dying . I have been watching the players online and charting them. Also , I have monitored how the numbers are growing on the front page.  They are in obvious decline.

(If you play Dark Orbit, and wanna share your opinion, please feel free to leave a comment )


I didn’t play this but thanks for the info


Awesome article. I like it

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