How to Counter Blitzcrank – League of Legends Game Guide

Nothing is worse than a good blitzcrank, but YOU can counter him!

If you’re here, you probably went through the absolute worst game you’ve ever played. Your bot lane was constantly pulled by Blitzcrank’s relentless grabs, causing an insta-death by the turret. The enemy’s carry was super fed, leading you to lose the game pathetically and miserably.

So you Google searched a guide to counter Blitzcrank, and now you’re here!

Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. Blitz is one strong mofo.

Fortunately, there IS a way you can counter him. All it takes is practice and a little smarts. 

The Faking Tactic

A person who plays blitzcrank knows how vital it is to make grabs, and how game-changing it is to miss. Combine that with his laughably-harassable skills and low MP pool, only good blitzes can win.

What you can do is force him to grab you, and then dodge at the last second. Go toward him, then when he faces you make a sharp left or right (or up or down, whichever), causing him to miss. Do this several times early game and watch his mana go to waste.

The Retaliation Tactic

Once a blitz misses his grab, it’s time for your team to retaliate. Within the next 10 seconds be as aggressive as you can – poke at him, poke at their carry, engage. MAKE SURE YOU COUNT SO YOU DONT OVEREXTEND. After 10 seconds, lay back and be patient again. Bait his grab and make him miss, and repeat the process over again. 

Additional Tips

  • Get Wards. It’s deathly important that you know where blitzcrank is at all times. Put a ward in all the bushes (especially top bush). 
  • Hug your minions like no tomorrow. Stand next to them (on the side of the river) because odds are, that blitz will be hiding in the bush waiting for an opening. MAKE SURE RIVER IS WARDED AS WELL SO YOU DONT GET GANKED!
  • Don’t choose a carry+support combination that is extremely weak early game. Counter a Blitz+Carry pick by going MissFortune+Alistar, or Pantheon+Graves. You want to fight fire with fire when it comes to Blitzcrank.

Good luck!


Good tips


Thank you, Eunike! =)

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