Donut Game #17- Rat on a Scooter Xl

This game is wacky and fun all in one.

Somehow you are a rat and you own a scooter and you want food. So you race around getting as much food as you can without falling to your death. Easy? Yes, but addicting.

Rat on a Scooter is very simple to understand. Pretty much you just need to jump from ledge to ledge collecting as much cheese as you can. Grinding on the rails will earn you bonus points as well as pulling off wheelies. There are several modes to this game like gas mode, where you keep going until you run out of gas. There is also special mode where you earn powerups.

This is a fun game that never gets boring. It is definately worth 99 cents, like it is in the App Store. The only problem with this game, at least now, is the realease of Rat on a Skateboard which is much better then this one.


wow…sooooo sweet…I’m a rat! yippeeeee!!!!!!
Tensed with Droopy Hair
Get a Pearl White Smile – Naturally!!

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