Windows Desktop Gadgets

This feature available to both Windows Vista and Windows seven can help users do different jobs and check on information.

In this world, information is very important to our lives. So is time. We need to know the information that is important to us, but we need it fast, in order to continue with our hectic lives. 

Windows Desktop Gadgets is a widget system that comes with Windows Vista and Windows 7. On Vista it is actually called Windows Sidebar. 

Windows Sidebar, via Flickr by DidE

The real power of Windows Desktop Gadget is that you can download them online. Windows offers a few really useful widgets, but if you want more, you can always download them for free online. They are easy to move, delete, install, etc. 

Above images by author.

These gadgets can be informative, like the weather widget; fun, like the picture puzzle; useful, such as the currency gadget, or convenient like the MultiSearchIt. I recommend using the widgets because they can really help you save some time. Instead of going to, you can just go to your desktop with a quick Win+D shortcut and take a peek at your weather gadget! How easy is that? 

If you don’t have Windows Desktop Gadgets, I really recommend you to try some out. Some may be kind of useless, like the eBay gadget when you don’t use eBay, but some are very useful. 

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A very good review of widgest :D I enjoyed it and will try them out! Thank you! Good share!


I wonder if you can get the weather gadget for areas other than where you live… I would want to get weather from somewhere warm.


Thanks for thereview.


Very good review, thank for info


Interesting, I wish I had a technical mind.


i used these, nice share




thanks! i think i will try these!

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