Share Wifi to Another Computer in Windows Seven and in Vista

How to share you wifi network with another computer.

Hello all! In this article let me tell you how to share your wifi connection to another computer via Ad-HOC technique in windows 7.

Via this technique you can share your existing wifi connection to another computer/laptop and this is how it is done in Windows Vista/ WIndows 7.

How to?

Well, its really simple to do it.

1- Click on start and go to control panel.

2- Select Network and Internet.

3- Select Network and Sharing Center and click setup a new connection.

4- Go down and there you’ll find setup a ad-hoc network.

5- Click next, Give your Network Name, Security Type, Security Key as you like and click next.

6- Wait for a second, and then click on “Turn ON Internet Connection Sharing”.

And now you are done. Well this technique is computer-computer based network. So other devices are not supported! Thanks for reading.

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