How to Make Programs Start Automatically When You Turn on Your Computer

There are programs we use every time we turn on the computer. Here’s how to make them start-up automatically every time you turn your computer on.

Used to be, every time I turn on my computer, I needed to click on so many icons to open all the programs I always use and Web sites I regularly check first thing in the morning: word processor, Internet browser, work email, personal email, Facebook, news website, Google homepage, etc.

But now, whenever I turn on my computer, these programs and Web sites automatically open without me needing to click anything at all. So while waiting for my computer to boot, I can go get coffee knowing that when I sit down, all my programs and Internet sites will right there ready for me to use or view.

Here’s how you can do it to:

Make Your Internet Shortcuts

To automatically open your favorite Web sites upon startup, you first need to open your Internet browser and go to the sites you want to automate.

When your page has loaded, right-click on it and click on “Create Shortcut.” This will put a shortcut to that page on your desktop.

Repeat this process for all the Web sites you always visit.

Open the “Start-Up” Window

Now outside of your Internet browser, click on the Start button at the lower righthand corner of your screen. Then click on “All Programs,” then right-click on “Startup,” and click “Open.” This should open your Startup window.

Drag Your Favorite Programs into the Startup Window

From your desktop, right-click on one of the shortcuts you just made of your favorite Web sites. Drag it into the Startup window, release the right mouse button, and click “Copy Here.”

Do this with all the Web site shortcuts.

Then, find the icons you normally click on to open your favorite programs. Drag them as weel into the Startup window.

Remove Programs That You Do NOT Want

Incidentally, you might find in the folder a program that you did NOT put there yourself. This is very common. If there are programs in your Startup Window that you do not want to start automatically, feel free to delete them by right-clicking on them and clicking “Delete.”

Try It Out

To try out your new settings, you need to restart your computer. If you did everything right, you should be able to reset your computer, put on make-up or heat your lunch while it’s booting, and when you return, your favorite programs should be there, open and ready for work!

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C A Johnson

Thanks for sharing the tips. I think I’m going to try this to see if it works.

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