Windows Eight Resets The System to Leave It Clean in Six Minutes

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It is available to the public the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 since Wednesday February 29. In a single day is topping one million downloads. And there are many users who want to be the first to try the new desktop operating system and Microsoft tablets. The same day, the Redmond also put up the tent Windows Store for Windows 8, where you can download free Metro-style applications, at least for the duration of the beta phase.

Certainly Windows 8 Consumer Preview is not the final version of the OS, but it does give a good idea of its operation. Among the novel features, a figure which we echoed in early January: reset and refresh in Windows 8. Now, thanks to the previous version, you can check its effectiveness. Over time, the system is corrupted and is becoming slower. In the end no choice but to reinstall everything again. It is a slow and tedious operation that we resist all do, except when there is no choice. The development team wants Windows 8 make life easier for users, so we have created a series of tools called “Press the reset button”.

The idea behind these tools is to solve computer problems as quickly as possible, being able to wipe the OS and reinstall it again in a jiffy without having to use an installation disk or a USB memory key. However, this feature is included inside the Windows 8 in the section Press the reset button. The first tool is Reset your PC, which leaves your computer and just left the factory. Remove all applications, personal data and settings of your computer and reinstall Windows 8. The second is Refresh your PC, and operates similarly to the above, reinstalling the operating system, but retains all personal data, settings and applications Metro style (but not others such as the Office).

These two operations are very fast. Reset your PC takes only six minutes, while Refresh your PC needs eight minutes. Compared to Windows 7, the task took twenty minutes, had to add tasks as installing the updates. Thus, saving time and inconvenience is considerable. With the tool refreshes your PC, just need to reinstall applications that are not Metro style.

There are three methods to find the tools of push the reset button. The first is to enter the control panel, search for “recover” and click on it, which gives access to options, refresh and reset. The second method is PC Settings, choose General, and then at the end of the list are Refresh your PC and Reset your PC. The third way is to boot Windows 8 with an installation disk (DVD or USB memory key) and choose Repair your computer, it loads the W8 recovery environment where the Resetting and Refresh.


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