Top 10 Best Free Antiviruses

Do you have trouble keeping your computer secure? check out 10 best free antiviruses.

Avast Free antivirus

  • Suported windows version: Vista/XP/2000/NT4/98/ME/95.
  • Lastest version: 5.0.377 Final
  • Download Avast Here
  • Information: Considered one of best free antiviruses, Because Avast is constantly updated, Unfortunately, free version doesnt has firewall, In alternative, you may use the windows firewall. Contains gamer/Silent mode and bootscan.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

  • Suported windows version: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
  • Lastest version: 9.0.730
  • Download free AVG antivirus Here
  • Information: Safe antivirus, It’s highly recomended check settings before running AVG, sometimes, AVG can be very inacurate due to settings. Contains Antivirus, Anti-Spyware and Linkscanner.

Avira AntiVir Personal Edition

  • Suported Windows versions: Windows 2000/XP/Vista 32-bit/64-bit
  • Lastest version:
  • Download the avira antivir Here
  • Information: Can be considered one of best free antiviruses, But it is a slow scan antivirus, But has a great scan quality.


  • Suported Windows version: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Me / 2000 / 98 and Windows Server 2008 and 2003.
  • Lastest version: 0.95.3
  • Download Clamwin Here.
  • Information: Detects Viruses and Spywares, Constantly updated, Has good compatibility, suporting all Operational systems for windows, it also analyzes RAM. It is a quick antivirus, despite the visual, which is not that good, It is a good antivirus, contrary to popular belief.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition

  • Suported Windows version: Vista32-bit, XP and 2000
  • Lastest version: 6.1
  • Download PC Tools Here.
  • Information: A good antivirus with a very light scanner, While you access internet or browse through your computer, you can scan with PCtools, it is extremely easy to use, Recomended to users who doesnt usually antiviruses, It even has phone suport if you have a problem.

Dr.Web CureIt

  • Suported  Windows Versions: XP/Vista/7/98/2000/2003
  • Lastest version: 5.0.
  • Download Dr.Web Cureit Here.
  • Information: It is a impressive antivirus for it’s quality, it can detect threats that others antiviruses let it pass, However, doesnt contains Firewall or malware program, if you want simplicity and quality, Dr.Web Cureit is good option.

IObit Security 360

  • Suported windows versions: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Lastest version: 1.4.0
  • Download theIOBIT Security Here.
  • Information:Very good antivirus, can protect against malwares, spywares, keyloggers, trojan horses and
  • others kind of viruses

Rising Antivirus Free Edition

  • Suported Windows versions:
  • Lastest version:21.28.32
  • Download the Rising Antivirus Free Edition Here
  • Information: Great free antivirus with a awesome design, this works like a full antivirus, Very simple through, this is good for who doesnt like big and complicated antiviruses

Comodo Anti-Virus

  • Suported Windos versions: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Lastest Version: 3.13.125662.579
  • Download the Comodo Anti-Virus Here.
  • Information: A full antivirus, with firewall, anti spam, network defense, It’s less complicated than other antiviruses, if you look for a full antivirus with firewall, chose this one.

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A little more information explaining what makes these the top ten would make this interesting a readable. As it is it’s nothing more than a bunch of technical information.


This is just a list with a few free anti viruses. You don’t say what they do or what they can and thus your article is not informative.


i’ll add information soon.


I added information, removed two antirivuses and added two good free antiviruses


As a user…AVG takes over your computer. It does what it pleases so is no longer the big deal it was two years ago.

Avast is a waste of time. Slow, it clogs your computer and is
not worth the down load.

The ISO product is two thumbs up. Small, fast, works.

I have to disagree with Avast Anti-Virus being the highest recommedation on your list. I have to say it is a good anti-virus as I personally did use it for a good amount of years however I changed due to it being a resource hog, and the scan takes ages; I have found that Avira Anti-Virus found more viruses (due to its larger database) than Avast. Plus Avira does have heuristic scanning abilities too. I do like Avast’s new interface though – this is the one thing Avira needs to do.

IObit Security 360 you must not download. It basically uses illegally databases from numerous other anti-viruses such as MalwareBytes. At the moment MalwareBytes is sueing IObit.

AVG is horrible, and to be honest don’t know why so many people use it. It may be a very good anti-virus however the free version strips so many important features that I don’t recommend using it.

My anti-virus I am using now, which may be a surprise is Microsoft’s Security Essentials. It detected 5 viruses that non of the above anti-viruses catched. Download editors also experienced this, and therefore I think this new app may be the new free app on the market. Bad thing – no firewall.


AVG used to be the best one out there years ago, but now I agree with most of the other commenters – it’s slow and obtrusive. I currently like FortiClient as my choice for free anti-malware.

Nice list.




AVG used to be good but it became slow and the database has a nasty habit of including quite a lot of false positives.


Overall it’s a good list.


After I chose Microsoft Essentials i stopped getting those dump pop ups that freak you out with fake virus information. I wish i could get my background activities under control, indexing, backup programs running at wrong times bogging down my activities. Nice tips however,

Very useful information on Anti-viruses. I’m using Mcafee for one system and Norton for the other. I haven’t used the other anti-virus programs.


intereting article – I prefer avast!. AVG is terrible – I couldn’t shut it down – I tried everything, taskbar, task manager, main avg windows links, but it’s simply impossible :S So I dowloaded avast – its the best – but unfortunately I have to register it each 60 days. Kaspersky is also good, but there is no way to get license for free or cheap, so nobody will buy them for $29.99/ $45, etc. per year.


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Your article is way better then the original was!
Thanks for the informative share mate, this is good!


I suggest using AVG antivirus and Avira for not making a slow pc performance does not like Comodo slow and long.


interesting list


interesting links !


Thanks for the information. I’m sure this article will be helpful to many of the readers.

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