Recent Developments in Computer Technology 2013

Analyzes Recent Developments in Computer Technology,, Technology in the 2012-2013 tahuun very rapidly, many technology companies in the world create their latest works, in order to make a profit and improve the quality of digital technology in the world, so far a lot of the company’s products are always updating and produnya upgrade, Windows for example, now it has emerged that Windows eight start in interest in the global market.

Development of computers in 2013

Recent Developments in Computer Technology in 2013 – One of the ever-evolving technology of the era was Computer Technology. Computer technology at all times have the latest technology. Because computers are arguably biased items that are always updated.

Nowadays technology is growing day, is growing rapidly. Many technological innovations that originated from new, or modification of existing technologies. With the new technology, of course, humans are expected to perform activities more efficiently than ever before. Okay, then what are the latest computer technology can we see now? Let’s check out below.

perkembangan komputer 2013

Computer table Hologram

One of the technologies that may often see the concept in television or video. Can you imagine, a table with a utility such as stationery, typing, and various other functions.

OXODesk is a tool shaped like a table that allows you to perform activities in the virtual space. Desk OXO’s actually almost looks like a tablet computer that has a HD 40-inch size. However, to have this stuff you have to spend around $ 1,299.

Portable CPU

One computer and laptop manufacturer, which some time ago published ACER Acer Revo 70, which is a CPU that allows it to carry everywhere. Because this CPU has a claimed weight of just 1kg.

Although Acer Revo 70 is arguably portable, but its quite capable. Because bias is complete enough to be considered portable size. These features are Gigabit Ethernet, multi-in-one card reader, six USB 2.0 ports, 802.11 b / g / n WiFi, plus D-Sub, HDMI outputs, a VGA port, audio jack, SD card.

Computer Radiology (CR)

Computer Radiology (CR) as the latest computer technology is very helpful for doctors who perform radiological tests. Computer Radiology serves as a dark room (Dark Room) as a place to process the latent shadows on X-ray films into shadow looks so later is diagnosed by X-ray radiologist.

Latest Windows 8 OS

One technology that was recently launched is Windows 8 OS released by Microsoft some time ago. In this time of Windows 8, Microsoft issued 4 different versions for multiple devices. One is for desktop and smartphones.

OS Windows 8 is predicted to have a speed in excess of the previous OS. Because Windows 8 is claimed to be simple, responsive, and more smart. However, in fact, there are still some bugs found in Windows 8.

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