Video Podcasting From Linux

Problems with creating a video Podcast from Linux.

I’ve been using Linux as my primary (and generally *only*) desktop since 1996. So typically I’m the one proclaiming how Linux can do anything you can do in Windows only better. This may still be true but right now I haven’t figured out the juju needed to do what I want with Video Podcasting. Generally what I want to do is take video with my Flip HD, or a screen capture program. Edit it, then publish to YouTube.

Taking video from the Flip seems to be fine in Fedora 9 it just reads it as a USB hard drive. Then comes the hard part. How do I edit? Found some interesting programs Kino is my favorite so far but it doesn’t seem to work well with a file that’s already in avi format, such as from the Flip. Sounds like it would work great with a raw dv format video though. In researching this article I found Pitivi which seemed simple enough to import avi files but perhaps something was wrong with my Pulse Audio  because I couldn’t seem to get sound at all.

Speaking of sound Linux has some great sound editors Audacity works just as well on Linux (if not better) than it does on Windows. Jokosher looks like its going to be my sound editor of the future. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get my  Blue Snow Ball USB Mic to work in linux.

Moving on to screen Capturing. I was looking for something as easy as Cam Studio only for Linux. By far the easiest tool I found to  work with  was RecordMyDesktop. RMD only records in free formats, which I applaud but doesn’t allow me to upload to youTube. Playing with WinFF and Sound Converter Almost got me to the finish line but was a pain. Vnc2swf allows you to record your screen capture as a flash file which is nice but your audio has to be recorded separately and was not anywhere near as easy to use as RMD.

Here is a quick example video I created with RecordMyDesktop then converted with WinFF

Although its close I still have to dual boot to create Video Podcasts the way I want. I’m hoping I’m missing something here and someone can point me in the right direction. If Blue would just release a Linux Snow Ball driver I’d deal with the extra steps just to avoid leaving my favorite OS.

Carl Parrish is an open source evangelist and founder of PCL Design & Consulting Inc. A web application consulting firm in Tempe, AZ

José Machado

hi cparrish817,

why dont you use Wine to run those applications insted of boot with Windows??

“never used those app, also not a big fan of Wine but its an option”



Have you tried Kdenlive?


Leo Laporte

Why do FLOSS projects insist still on stupid names like Gimp and Jokosher?

DO I want to edit files or practice some idiotic dietary habits?

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