Top Five Operating Systems

I show the best nothing more.

5. Windows XP

      XP so far is probably the best Windows Computer made for the average user, It’s not a slow as bloated Vista or Old as 2000. It’s not that bad for an 8 year old OS. I also like the simplicity. Vista has too many features and is extremely slow. There is a simple user interface that your 80 year old grandma could use. I also like the simple program menu. Which Vista lacks.

The only problems with XP so far is the Instability of the OS and the easy hacking. A computer running Windows XP without any security patches is estimated to only last 2 minutes on the Internet before being hacked.

4. Free BSD

Known for its robustness I feel Free BSD is one of the safest computer system’s made. It’s commonly used for Internet servers and also it is compatible with most other UNIX like Operating System’s like Linux and Mac. BSD runs extremely fast and is easy to use. It can use Linux Desktop Environment’s such as GNOME or KDE. It is easy to use and proably one of the fastest Operating Systems ever made. BSD is a complete operating system unlike Linux which is just a Kernel. I’m looking forward to this Operating System as it matures.

3.  Windows 7

Recently Released Window’s 7 is pretty much just Vista that was streamlined.  Windows 7 seems to have copied alot of the feature’s released with Linux  such as the Compiz. A lot of the effects are clones of Compiz Fusion I feel. However Windows 7 has lots of new feature’s such as a better task bar and more media support. Window’s 7 isn’t that bad compared to Vista. The actual memory requirement is much smaller. However the memory required for Window’s 7 is still a monster heap compared to Ubuntu Linux.  It’s good but still not the best. Microsoft could do better. The only reason I use Window’s is for Gaming. Another reason I don’t like Windows 7 is because of the cost. It costs more than 100 dollar’s just for the OS when you could get Linux free.

Tied for #1 Spot

 Mac OS X and Ubuntu

Ubuntu may some day be the main desktop used by the average user. Ubuntu is already in use by large corporations and large amount’s of home user’s. The Distrobution is becoming more and more popular. Ubuntu has soft ware support and also incredibly cool desktop effects. Such as the Compiz Fusion which was actually released before Vista Aero and has better features and is actually free! Also Ubuntu has the ease of use of XP without all the annoying lags and Viruses. Ubuntu is a Linux OS which means it has extremely good stability and virus protection. There is something called “root” which is also used in Mac OS X which allows only the user to do certain tasks and prevents access to the System Files without a password. I have used Ubuntu for a long time and have never experienced a virus. The computer almost never lags and is extremely stable. Windows Vista needs 20 GB of Memory while Ubuntu only needs 256 MB of memory! Ubuntu can also be configured to use the Xfce desktop instead of gnome and will have even lower memory requirements! Ubuntu is also free of cost. I love this OS and you should too.

Mac OS X

I like the Applications and the Software some of which Ubuntu doesn’t have. I like the application’s and the ease of use. I feel that the ease of use is actually better than Windows XP with the nice toolbar.  I can also run a lot of my favorite apps on a Mac. I have more compatibility with thing’s online with the safeness of Linux and speed. That’s why I like Mac. Mac’s only needs 4 GB memory compared to 20 GB of Vista. The thing I like about Mac is I can also run  alot of my favorite Window’s games. Unlike Linux where you have to get an Emulator to run Window’s games with Mac you can just go to the store and buy a Mac version of a Window’s game. 

Happy Computing!


Nice list of your top operating systems. I use both Windows and Ubuntu, but I’m slowly loving Ubuntu more and more as the releases are getting better.


I like “PCLinuxOS” best. It is styled to look more like the familiar Windows Vista and XP, -except that it is Linux. Ubuntu I thought was less than intuitive, being a new experience’ I am sure this is a common complaint.



I am happy that I didn’t see Vista in the list. Vista is a disaster – I am telling this not only because I am a Linux fan. :)


You have a good review of the different operating systems. I might as well try Ubuntu because of your good review.


Was disappointed when I saw XP at the top, then I saw the number FIVE before it and was happy again, especially when I realized you are not a total retard (am I allowed to say that here?) although, gotta say, I would have replaced M$uX 7 with Mac OS X, and put Ubuntu up to first, and probably put Free-BSD second, and drop Mac OS X down one, but then I haven’t actually used Free BSD, OR Compiz Fusion as my on board graffix are SIS (aka $|-|17) and I’m too cheap to buy a graffix card, although, I am saving up, or trying to lol. Glad, as I said that TWO Linux’s are up there.

Join the revolution, lets win this war 1 computer at a time. The revolutionist, armed only with an Ubuntu install disk and hopes of the PC world staff not noticing what their doing…

^^^^thats me up there^^^^


Well, I use Vista…seems to work OK. Have not had any problems with it…


Vista is a memory hog and did not perform well compared to the other Operating System’s.


I prefer Gentoo purely because I like knowing and controlling exactly what is rolled into my OS, nothing more, nothing less.


WHAT is LINUX?!?!?!?

2nd - Ubuntu 1st- mac

for me 2nd – ubuntu and 1st – Mac


i love linux… running mint right now. u are a douch though. ubuntu is a joke compared to windows. The average user doesn’t want to spend 2 hours trying to get sound drivers to work. seriously… blah blah blah do this do that… who cares. windows works, linux doesn’t. get more programmers

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