How to Take Care of Your Computer -Part One of 3-

Some simple ways to take care of your computer. This is just part 1.

Have you ever sat infront of your computer screen and wondered why your computer is being so slow, or why it freezes or can’t handle simple actions any other new computer can? 

There’s no need to get technically with why this is happening, what is needed for this problem are some simple rules or tips that have worked for millions who own, and have owned the same computer for some time.

For some reason, as computers mature, they get old, and they are used almost every single day by one user, or multiple users. Some times those users do things with their computers that they don’t even know they are doing. For instance; When someone is on a safe and secure website, such as youtube or even a famous search engine such as google, there is always the potential risk of a pop up, or someone clicking on something that gives them a virus, such as one of those pop ups or a scam adds. Either way, it is not good for a computer, but it can be fixed and prevented.

Simply take the time to read up on some of the aspects of your computer such as, RAM (Random Access Memory) which basically means that this is the computer’s primary workspace, were most if not all processes are handled. If your computer is a low RAM computer, it won’t take on multiple processes at the fastest pace as compared to computers who have a higher RAM count. 

Also, take into notation, whether you are using a 64-bit computer system or a 32-bit computer system. This can be done by clicking the start menu, clicking the control panel tab, clicking system and security, and finally clicking System in that tab. When looking into this, know that 64-bit operating systems use every amount of it’s RAM to their disposal, which makes them slightly faster computers as compared to the 32-bit operating systems. Say you have 4GB of RAM, 64-bit operating systems will use all of that 4GB to run the computer’s processes. 32-bit would only use 75% to 80% of that RAM base. 64-bit operating systems also offer better security, and less crashes due to the fact that they are digitally signed. Therefore generally, 64-bit computers are the better choice, and better used.

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