How to Hack School’s Administrator Password

How to hack school’s administrator password.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any action you do after you read this article.

Ever wanted your school’s administrator password? Then this is the article you are looking for! You can accomplish this in a few simple steps.

Minimal knowledge of computers
A school computer that will let you insert CDs
1 Empty CD-Rom

First Step
The first step itself is very simple. First, go to and download the ISO file (NOT EXE OR ZIP). Just wait for a few minutes to an hour depending on your internet speed.

Second Step
Well, get your empty CD-Rom. Copy the .iso file into the Empty CD ROM and remove it – windows will automatically save it on the CD.

Third Step
Go to school, get on a computer. Put the disk in, and restart your computer. Then, when before the loading screen, there’s a screen where it says you can press f8 to enter boot menu (doesn’t have to be f8, just look and you’ll see). After reaching the boot menu, theres a bunch of drives you can boot from. Select the CD-Drive (usually E:), and select boot from cd.

Fourth Step
After booting from the cd, you should have almost every priviledge, but still you haven’t got the password. Now, it’s the more complicated part. Go to C:WindowsSystem32Config and copy the file labeled SAM. Then restart your computer, and boot normally using the normal windows or you can do it at home.

Fifth Step
Download ophcrack from Set it up, and open the program. Select Load -> PWDUMP file, and select the SAM file you copied. Then press Crack and wait for the password!

Good luck and hope it works!
DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any action you do after you read this article.

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