What Causes Laptop Display Blank or Black Screen?

One of laptop damage that often arises is "black screen", a dark screen, the screen off, or "blank display".

One of laptop damage that often arises is “black screen”, a dark screen, the screen off, or “blank display”. maybe you have a laptop that experienced anything like it, including my. Yesterday my laptop Vaio VGN NR31Z also damaged “black screen” that when I turned on, the laptop does not display images at all and the hard drive LED is ON, even though the processor fan is active. finally I send my laptop to the service centre, but I still have one more laptop ie type Centoris Optima G200 is still normal, although the old centrino laptop, but which is important to create an online … 
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So.. what causes “black screen” on a laptop? 
after that I tried to find out its causes through the Internet, from what I know cause most of the defect in the graphic chipset (GPU) and damage to the panel Display (LCD). in general there are several reasons, there may be one of them below:

Damaged Panel Display: to ensure that the Display Panel is broken, then try to connect the laptop with an external display. change the display mode via the keyboard of the laptop-screen mode internal to external display mode. if the external screen displays showing successful then surely there is damage in the internal display panel. external display can be a CRT monitor if the output from the monitor (VGA) port, or if the output HDMI HDTV. damage on the display panel there are a few of them: damage in the inverter, flexible cables, and LCD. if there is such a thin shadow image in the LCD, then chances are faulty LCD backlight (CCFL), or cable flex.

Damaged graphic chipset: Chipset damage commonly experienced by such a dedicated graphics laptop from Nvidia or Ati. integrated Chipset  damage from eg Intel chipset extremely rare, occurring Chipset damage of about 10 dedicated to 1 integrated. are often exposed on the graphic chipset is socket, VGA RAM memory and its GPU chipset. 

several series of laptops that are often exposed to black screen:
several type of HP TX1000 series, several type of Sony Vaio VGN series and other series are mostly using the nVidia 8400 series and 8600. nVidia GeForce 8400 series and GeForce 8600’s output of around 2008 known most often damaged after use between 2 to 4 years, this is due to production errors. but nVidia has fix it for new products. post about the HP TX1000 laptop damage can be read by clicking HERE

Solution of damage / repair: for damage to the LCD panel: bring your laptop to a service to know which parts in your laptop LCD panel is damaged so that it can be repaired or replaced components. 
for damage to VGA: cheapest solution: chipset in Reflow (in blower with hot gun) but the damage will occur more easily in just a few days. Reball: replace the ball below the pin-ball holder chipset, so the connection is bad beyond repair. pin balls are made of lead free soldering is more easily damaged by changes in temperature when compared with using leaded soldering materials.  That’s why after a while many of old nVidia chipset become corrupted with artifact and black screen phenomenon. if the chipset has been severely damaged can be replaced with a new chipset, and even then if the chipset is available. Another solution is to replace the motherboard, unfortunately, this solution is a solution that takes the most expensive cost is between $100 to $200. 

do not be hasty to replace the motherboard if your laptop issue only “no display” / display blank / black screen, because there are still too expensive but the alternative is another solution is to reball chipset. reball tariff chipsets ranging from $50 to $70, in big cities now has a lot of places servicing laptops / notebooks that cater services of reflow and reball chipset. they generally have tools BGA rework station, so you do not have to worry if it turns out lapptop you are experiencing these problems.

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