System Analysis of Inventory Management Project

A brief about the analysis of inventory management system. System analysis is the process of detecting the different aspects of the project.

At present, in the entire project inventory operations are done manually by the user. For keeping a track of the equipments ordered, received & delivered to specific projects. Records of the customers, stock information, roll out information and customer invoicing information is also maintained in this system. This system in general reveals all information on type of equipments ordered for specific project, record of equipments which are received based on what was ordered, order processing details for eg – details of project/customer & the equipment dispatch details and invoicing details based on each customer.

All these information are vital for the company. The reports are also included to this system on each transaction made. The reports are to be also made manually by the user which is a very tedious task. In addition, they had to enter all the details of raw materials into the tables to get to a conclusion whenever needed. 

Moreover, in order to get a clear conclusion the user had to make reports on each and every category of the equipment, which means creating different individual reports for that particular category. In the existing system, the user also had to make entries in as many tables as possible. If any modification is to be made, it becomes tedious and cumbersome process, which takes a lot of time and energy. 

Drawbacks of Existing System 

The system is manual and very tedious to maintain and make reports since all the data are stored in document form/files/registers. And being an organization where all the details have to be kept confidential and so maintaining them will be very risky. And to get the details of a group or a particular member like customer, project or equipment details, we have to search through the entire files and registers to get that particular detail.

The following are the lists of drawbacks: 

  • All are written document. 
  • The data stored in the document are not reliable. 
  • Reports are not sufficient and are very complex. 
  • Redundancy of data. 
  • Storing and retrieval of information is time consuming. 
  • Verification of data is tedious. 
  • Large volume of data cannot be maintained efficiently.
  • Maintaining all the record in an orderly manner is a difficult task. 
  • Since all the details are stored in files & registers, which are not computerized, it occupies a voluminous area. 
  • It is difficult to manually search for a particular item to obtain information about them. 
  • Slow responding of the information registers. 

Proposed System

In this phase, the concepts associated with the system analysis and how they are implemented in the project is dealt with. In this, the existing system has studied thoroughly, the problem is identified, alternative solutions are analysed and the best solution among them was selected. 

Advantages of the Proposed Sytem

The proposed system has been designed to eliminate the major disadvantages of encountered in the existing system. There is no room for errors in the proposed system. The error checking has been dealt efficiently. The errors that could happen during date entry are also informed to the user. At important point of the data entry, it has been ensured that only valid data can be entered. 

The proposed system has been designed in such a way to attract user by being user friendly. With the key options in the data entry form and the report generation, it helps the user & does not make him feel tedious anymore.

Developing Solution Strategies

The proposed system is completely menu driven. Input screens are properly arranged & designed in such a way that the user does not feel complicated at any stage of using this system. There fore it is very easy for the end users to work with such a system. Data fields are in the normalized form there by avoiding data redundancy. 

The proposed system is developed using Visual Basic 6.0 as front end and Microsoft Access 2003 as its back end. In this data retrieval and memory utilization are achieved. The designing of the screens are very much user friendly. The data entry forms are designed & arranged in a very simple manner so that it would be easy for any user to work on it.


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