Seagate Service Center, Bangalore

Describes the location of Seagate service center in Bangalore/Bengaluru (India) and narrates the procedure followed there.

The Sad Story: Well folks, I was a happy Seagate external hard disk (Free Agent) user until a fateful day when the disk fell down from a mere 6 inch height. I had always known that Seagate was a good brand and could withstand minor accidents easily; but this was shocking. On connecting to the laptop, it produced a periodic BEEP and was undetectable by the BIOS. I was actually doomed. It was a shocker for me as it had more than 400+ movies, a number of great documentaries and a magnanimous collection of photos. I also had a few important scanned documents in it. So, I was worried and thought to immediately act to ensure that I have my data back and to fix the problem with the disk.

The Search for the fix: Initially, I contacted a few friends of mine who suggested me to check on internet. So, I searched on internet and got some info about the center. Since I was new to Bangalore, I went through a great hardship to reach the service center. Only after reaching there, I realized that there was a prominent landmark nearby.

Seagate Service Center Address in Bangalore: 

ACCEL CARE CENTER: Amatra Infotech Private Limited

No. 2 & 3, New Raja Building, 2nd Floor, N.R. Road, Bangalore (KA) – 560002

Landmark: Diagonally opposite to the Bangalore Town Hall.

Contact Numbers: Fax – (80) 41129214, Phone – (80) 41129213/214. And this is their latest phone number. You may find other numbers too on other posts; but please ignore them. However, let me tell you that they rarely pick your phone up. When I was at the center, I heard numerous incoming phone calls; but more than 75% were left unanswered by the team. I found the same feedback from others too on internet. But it certainly does not mean a bad customer relationship management. The problem is that the staff there is limited and there is always a good influx of people and thus the staff remains busy attending the physically present client thereby leaving the remote clients unanswered.        

The operational days/times for this center are:

Day: Monday to Friday                        Time: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Day: Saturday                                        Time: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

My email conversation with the technical team:

 My emailMy 320GB ext drive of Seagate fell flat on the ground from a height of mere 6 inches and since then it is undetected by the system. When it fell, I was accessing it. Now, when connected, it produces a periodic beep sound. I have a lot of data in it; especially some very IMP scanned docs like my education degree, certificates etc. I desperately want the data back. Here, I would like to tell you that it is still in its warranty period. When I approached your service center in Bangalore (India), they asked me to write to you to get an approval from you regarding getting the disc opened from some external vendor so that the data can be recovered. Once that is done I should approach your customer help desk again. The Serial No. of the Hard Disk = XXXXXXXX

ResponseSince your drive with S/N: XXXXXXXX is within warranty up to Dec XX, 20XX(I)  you can go ahead with Data recovery. You need to follow the below procedure:

1) You need to approach the data recovery company for data recovery, who will then have to provide a letter (on company letterhead) to specify that they have performed data recovery on this drive. It should clearly mention Customer name, Model Number & Serial Number of the drive and brief write up of Procedure done (as in if they opened the drive or not and why).

            We do not authorize or recommend any of these companies. You will have to find these guys in local IT market or search on the Internet. Please note that Data recovery is at your own expense.

2) Once data recovery is done, you can approach the Seacare center with the printout of this approval email and also letter from the data recovery company.
            Please note that the drive should be returned with all parts intact and this all should happen within the warranty period of the drive. Please note that the drive shouldn’t have any external signs of handling damage like bent/broken pins, Burned/damaged PCBA components. If it has, then seagate cannot honour the warranty and hence this approval will not remain valid in that case.

Quest for Data Recovery: Following this conversation on email, I searched for data recovery techniques on internet and found a few useful blogs too. However, since I found some of the useful and more important docs in my PC, I gave up the idea of data recovery.

My experience at the customer service desk: The staff there is quite helpful and despite of all the stressful work they have, they respond/greet you well.

Procedure: When I reached there they asked me if I was a registered customer at their website – . Since I had not, they asked me to provide the following details – Full Name, Mobile Number, email ID and residential address. Usually they keep a small box of blank papers at counter-5 for us to write these details and hand over to them. If your disk is within the warranty period and you wish to get it replaced with a new one, then you will have to submit the disk along with its connecting cord. They enter the details into the application (Online Warranty Management System for which the link is provided above) and hand over to you an acknowledgement slip for tracking the status of your request. Expect automatically generated SMS & emails detailing your request processing status. Since home delivery is not available, you will have to once again visit the center to collect your new disk.

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