Refurbished Computers: Pros and Cons

My husband and I ventured into the world of computers several years ago using refurbished computers. Here I will list the pros and cons.

   Refurbished computers have been restored from used condition to like new condition.  There are both pros and cons to using a refurbished computer.


 1.  Refurbished computers are often cheaper. 

 2. Usually you can buy a brand name computer for a good price if it is refurbished.

 3.  Many refurbished computers come with the keyboard,mouse and software.  Some even come with a monitor for a low price.


 1.  Refurbished computers are usually sent back because of a defect.  Sometimes this defect is not found and repaired.  Examples of this are: my hubby’s computer is missing the drivers that allow him to use the internet if he re-formats the computer.  His solution was to download the drivers on to a disk. I received a computer that would not read the ethernet card and had to send it back for a replacement.

  2.  Depending on where you go, some refurbished computers do not include an operating system with them.  This means you will need to purchase an operating system separately.

  3.  The warranty is for a limited time- usually 6 months to one year on refurbished equipment.

    Ultimately, if you want to purchase a refurbished computer, you need to know the reputation  of the site and trust them.  We have used CompUSA and refurbdepot the most and have had good success with them.  CompUSA is now TigerDirect.

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