iPad Two Hitting Shelves

The new Apple Ipad is hitting the Shelves Wooo :) … or maybe not, is it really worth it I look at the good and the bad side of the Ipad…

All of the Apple lovers are reading and waiting to get their hands on the new Ipad 2 that will be hitting shelves shortly, but will it be worth the money, well yes and no, it runs faster but is this justifiable… It may have front and rear facing cameras, but every piece of technology we own has this so is it really necessary…?

Also the major point when will it actually be released i go on five websites, they all give me different dates, one the 2nd one the 22nd, one July…? who do i believe…?

Good luck to anyone that buys a new Ipod hope it gets released before the end of the year, and the improvements are really worth the price tag..


I don’t think these new features will be enough to fight off challenges from Android/Samsung, but we’ll see!

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