How to Replace Your iPod Touch Front Glass

Tutorial on how to replace a broken ipod touch faceplate(front glass)

How to replace a broken or non-responsive ipod touch glass cover.

The glass cover on your ipod touch is the most important part of the device. It is the thing which converts finger touches and swipes into digital signals which controls the ipod touch. When the glass cracks or shatters, the whole device is rendered useless, as it is no longer controllable. But fortunately, you can replace it!

Apple has indeed done a heck lot engineering to squeeze so much into a small device. The parts inside the ipod touch look daunting to replace or remove. But, the front glass cover, called the faceplate, is quite easy to remove. With a little bit of patience, the broken or faulty glass cover can be removed and replaced. To begin with, you need a new ipod touch faceplate. Identify your ipod touch model and purchase the faceplate for that model. For example, if you have an ipod touch 3G(third generation), you will need an ipod touch 3G faceplate. You can find these things a lot on amazon or ebay.

When you have the new faceplate ready, it’s time to replace the old broken one. Please keep in mind that if you open the front cover, the warranty will be void. So if you don’t want to send your device to apple to get the glass replaced, then only do this. The advantage of doing this yourself is that it will cost much less than it would if you would have sent it to apple. The faceplate only costs 10-15 dollars.

It would be helpful if you also get the ipod opening tool along with the faceplate. Its basically a little plastic prying tool. You can also use a thin knife , but if you do, be careful. Place the knife or the ipod opening tool carefully in between the rubber padding of the front glass and the aluminium case. Now begin to slowly pry, and you will see. that the glass snaps up. Don’t be afraid if it does so. In this way open up the top left part and the bottom left part of the glass.  Then similarly open up the top  right and bottom right part of the glass. When the glass comfortably comes off, you will see that the glass is bound by a thin cable. Put the knife beneath the cable connector and lift it off. Now the faceplate is completely free. You will see that there is a small port where the cable connector was placed. Now take out the new faceplate and you will see a similar thin flex cable with a connector head. So now all you have to do is insert the flex cable head into the connector port. It should look like a tiny game cartridge port. Once you have done that, place the faceplate onto the case. Push on the bottom right corner , then the bottom left, then the top left , then the top right. In doing so the faceplate should firmly snap into place. Okay, done!  Now test the ipod touch. If you can slide the lock, it works! If there seems to be a problem, open it up again  and place the faceplate connection cable properly. well, that’s it. Good luck in getting your device running again!

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