Canon Error B200

Canon Error B200.

While repairing a Canon IP2700, I came across this error B200.  I searched in google, but the suggestions of the techies says to have the printer for repair or for warranty.  The error seems to be that something is overheating (I think the ink cartridge).  I disassembled and cleaned up the printer, and after putting everything back, the error remains the same.

The fix was, funny, just to replace the ink cartridge.  In my case, the ink color cartridge (811) was the culprit.  So, after replacing the color ink cartridge, the printer went working fine again.  Another bug charged to experience.

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Error B00 is print head error, it can’t always be fixed by replacing an ink cartridge. I found this article helpful:


no, this is an intentional error by Canon! thousands of buyers have this error without reason after warranty!!


Why canon is intentionally creating such errors? I spent a lot of time to find the solution and this article helped me:

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