Best apps to earn itunes/other gift cards

Ipod touch, and other mobile devices only, best app to earn money in fast.

How do you turn an everyday device like ipod touch into a profit making machine?Have you ever experience that time when you are browsing through games on the itunes store when you found a game that you really like, went to get it but realize that you don`t have any money…….and it cost .99 cents. It`s frustrating i know, but not anymore after you read this article.

Look at the apps listed below:

Junowallet -best ipod touch mobile making app ever, you get .16 per game that you install onto your ipod, which you can of course delete once you get credited, .50 cents per invite and .25 cents per bonus code you entered…eh hem, enter this one GH303804, that invite code will get you .25 cents. Plus, there is the fan section, which gained you .25 cents – .50 cents per page you liked through facebook. Also with the partnership they have with sponsorpay and w3i, sometimes an install`s reward can get as high as 45-74 cents, so before installing make sure you look at the sponsorpay, w3i and install section to see if a game is available for a higher reward. Don`t forget to use the code GH303804. Estimated time to earn gift card = 2 days with invite code, GH303804 and fan bonus and installs, must be a hardworker to earn $10 in 2 days, non hard workers, $10 in 1 week. 

App Nana – This is for the non hardcore, go into this app once a day to receive your 500 nanas, which is .05 cents, but do it everyday for one year and you`ll have around 180000 nanas, which is $15, not a lot, i know but with this invite code, 148314259, you will receive 2000 nanas bonus, and promote your invite code in youtube videos and you`ll receive 2000 each person who signs up, which makes it needless to say, 5 times as fast to earn 180000 nanas.

Appredeem – one of the other best app to earn money in, go to and install their app to your ipod touch to earn 90 points, which is = to .09 cents, per install and rate, sometimes if you are lucky you could get as much as 1750 points = .18 cents per install and rate. do it regularly and you will get your gift card in no time. estimated time to earn gift card = 2 weeks. 

App trailers – another good one, this is another version of app redeem but pays you .10 cents per trailers you watch, which is pretty good, you could replay a video again and again to receive points. Estimated time to earn gift card = 1 month 

Jailbreaking – not an app i know, but another quick way to earn free games, etc is to jailbreak your ipod, and get installous, free games on all, i recommend not to do this as it may damage your device, if you still want to do it, please do it with someone professional, that has done it successfully before. 

?????? – another app that is far to great to be put in here, it is so awesome it has to be put in another article, look for my latest article to find out.

That`s it folks, enjoy your free gift card, for quick easy money, use the first app, junowallet and invite code, it took me 2 days to earn $10, all from installs and invite code. 

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