MSI Inc. Laptops: Good or Bad?

I will tell you guys all about MSI Inc. and their products. Buyer beware. Read before you buy!

MSI Inc. What is known about them? Are they a trusted company?  Can their products be trusted for durability? How about customer support? These are all questions that everyone asks before buying from any company. 

What is known about MSI? MSI is short for MicroStar Incorporated. This company was established in August 1986 by five founders. This company has been around for quite some time, and in 1995, started to manufacture motherboards for a wide variety of companies. Shortly after this, they stepped into the scene of consumer electronics, where they found that they had what it had to survive in the industry.

Sure, history is nice. But what about their products? I first bought a MSI a5000 laptop about 2 years ago at Office Depot. This was right around when MSI first started experiment with computers. I, being the computer savvy geek that I am, was extremely cautious. After ensuring I could return the product if anything went wrong, I reluctantly bought it. A brand new laptop with a Intel Celeron Processor, nvidia geforce graphics card, and a 250 GB hard drive. First test I put it up to was gaming. Keep in mind, the laptop was rated for average usage, not the hardcore gaming most people use laptops for. Even with that one factor, I was surprised by the performance of the laptop. Ran all my games without a single hitch. Sure, it works for gaming, but how about very stressful situations such as video editing. This led me to embarking on a film project that lasted eight months. During this time, I never had an issue with the laptop. But alas, after a little over a year, the hard drive failed. Disappointed, I called MSI customer support.

MSI customer support was amazingly quick and courteous. I called them about my misfortune and about 10 minutes later, was told to ship it back. I promptly shipped it back the next day and in a week had it back on my desk with a new hard drive. No jumping through hoops or being wired to some underpaid customer support, I had a pleasant experience with MSI’s customer support.

So how would I rate MSI? They are a very trustworthy company with roots in many diverse fields of electronics. Their products are amazing and their customer support spectacular. On a very strict scale, I would give them a 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you are considering purchasing a product from them, go ahead and know that you are in good hands.

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