Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory Problem Fix (Includes Tekkit and Technic Pack)

A common problem for many players of Minecraft is their game crashes and then comes up with the error message "Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory". Here are some suggestions to help you fix this issue that will work for all versions of Minecraft; vanilla, Tekkit and the Technic Pack.

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Minecraft is quite a demanding program to run on your PC, and because it runs in Java it is only allocated so much memory by default. To prevent getting the Minecraft Has Ran Out of Memory screen in future the first fix you should try to do is lowering the settings on your game. Watch the below video or check out the list below for more details:

  • Lowering render distance so less of the game has to be loaded at once.
  • Turning “Fancy” graphics to “Fast”.
  • Turning “Smooth Lighting” to Off.
  • Changing the “Performance” tab between the three settings to see which gives you the best gaming experience and seeing which prevents the error message coming up.
  • Turning “Clouds” and “Particles” to off so that less of the game has to load.
  • Toggling between “Advanced OpenGL” on and off to see if either of these settings prevents the “Minecraft Has Ran Out of Memory” error from occuring.

If none or all of these methods combined do not prevent the error from working then you may want to try to allocate Java more memory through the Task Manager. The video below gives a step-by-step guide on how to do this correctlty and is a very common and quick fix for the Minecraft Has Ran Out of Memory error. This is quite advanced and should only be attempted by users who are confident they know what they are doing.


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