How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Forever

There are people that own laptops that end up purchasing laptop batteries every year. Large companies such as Dell, Apple, and Macintosh are going to hate me for telling you this information, but read on. I’m going to keep this short and simple, if you are at home you should take your battery out of your laptop and use the wall outlet for your power source.

The only time you will need your laptop battery is when you are traveling or on the move. Your main objective as a laptop owner is to preserve its life from your energy draining laptop. Yes, your laptop works without the battery in it when it is plugged directly into the wall outlet.

Many people that own laptops believe that they can adjust the setting so it preserves the life, this is not true. This only last for a good while, companies such as dell wants you to do this because they designed your laptop and when you adjust the settings you are killing your batter. I suggest never putting your battery in your laptop until you travel. For example, just like a remote to your television. It runs on batteries without a cord and power outlet. So why would you need to have your battery in your laptop while it is plugged in the wall. Duh!

Actions that drain your laptop batteries happen when you laptop go to sleep and when it is completely full, then you have to charge it up. I really believe that laptops are designed to drain your battery when it is plugged in the wall. I purchased my laptop nearly three years, and I have been using this technique to preserve my laptop battery life. Think, if a large computer manufacturing companies sell you a laptop and sell you a battery for your laptop for 5 years, they made an extra $1000 dollars off you. If you kept your laptop for 10 years, they have made $2000 dollars off of 1 laptop. Can you get the picture?

You will only need to put your battery in your laptop when you travel. This will allow you to keep your batter for years. I tried adjusting the settings and stuff before, squash all of that crap. See you save your battery by not letting your laptop eat your battery up with time. How many times can you remember leaving your laptop on when you are in a rush. Realize your laptop runs on electricity and when you are at home, it is in the wall. If you have to leave, just unplug the cord in your from the wall outlet and watch it shut off. This all you have to do. Can you realize how much money the Company Dell or Compaq has made off of selling batteries every year.

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I keep the batteries connected to my laptop in case the power source is cut off. It’s like being connected to the UPS so I have time to shutdown my laptop properly. Thanks for the advice though. Will consider this.


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I just bought an Asus Notebook PC, the salesman told me the battery in these PC’s are unable to be removed unless you’re a professional because they are highly toxic/hazardous for the environment!? It’s a lithium battery I think he said. What should I do for this type of PC/battery!??!

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