Hard Drive Clicking: What Does It Mean?

Do you hear your hard drive clicking? It’s a serious computer problem.

Hard Drive Clicking

In the course of using your laptop or desktop computer or when you start to boot up, you might hear something clicking inside your computer. In fact, you may have heard your hard drive clicking? Then, you may see a blue screen in front of you, something gibberish or unusual message that you are unfamiliar, or nothing at all but a blank screen. 

What does it mean if you hear your hard drive clicking plus all those unexpected displays in your screen? Chances are, your hard drive is already damaged. Hard drive clicking is a sign of hard drive damage when you can no longer open or access your computer files.

What Should You Do?

So what should you do when you heard something clicking in your computer. The best approach, really, is to BACK IT UP RIGHT AWAY. Yes, hearing your computer, or your hard drive clicking at that, clicking is a serious computer problem that you should act upon immediately. 

Scan Your Hard Drive for Errors

If you just want to make sure that indeed there is impending disaster that will befall on your computer, you may scan your hard drive. If you are operating on Windows XP, errors in the hard drive can be detected and fixed by running the CHKDSK utility. 

To do this, you must restart your computer while holding down the Ctrl key upon boot up.  Select Safe Mode to start your system. Once your computer has displayed the screen, click the Start button, hit Run, then type CHKDSK C: /F /R. PressEnter. The additional /R command tells CHKDSK to detect possible bad disk sectors in your hard drive. The /F command is a command used to fix any errors found. After running CHKDSK, messages asking you to “recover lost data clusters”, convert lost chains to files”, among others may be displayed.  Confirm or click Yes. After CHKDSK finishes, restart your computer normally. If you still hear the hard drive clicking, then it’s high time that you replace your hard drive. There is a high chance that your hard drive will crash.  

Doubtful That Your Hard Drive is Damaged?

If you are still doubtful that your hard drive is damaged because you just bought it or it is actually a few months old, the reason why your hard drive is clicking may be due to a slanting computer platform. Some hard drives produce a sound when not in proper level. Make sure that your laptop or desktop computer is on a level surface then try to boot it up again. Listen and hope your computer does not produce that clicking sound again. 

To avoid a sudden hard drive crash, always BACKUP your files. 

Go to Laptop and Desktop Tips website for information on how to maintain your computer, how to detect a damaged hard drive, and other useful references for your laptop or desktop.

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Don’t hear clicking but get a lot of flickering Im going to go run checkdisc right now


I think I going to print this out and place it in a glass box together with the fire extinguiser.


Thanks Snooky and overwings. Yes, hard drive clicking is a major computer problem that should not be ignored.


I once had that problem. Had to get a new hard drive… At least I had all of my data and personal files backed up!

Let me backup my data right away. Very useful post, Patrick.

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