Five Benefits of Using a Computer

We’re proud for what we’ve today right? Compare back to hundred of centuries, human does not have any electrical devices. So what is the benefits that having a computer in our generation today?

Nowadays, many household do have a single stand alone computer. What is the benefits of using a computer? Most people will probably answered, the purpose for us to having a computer is to enjoy our life, play games, online chatting, listen to music, videos and so on. Those answer is not the benefits of using a computer. So the benefits of using a computer are stated below:


Computer was a electrical devices that operate under the control of instructions stored in its own memory that able to accept data, process data, produce information and store for future use. The data has been process and produce the information is exactly correct, which results in non-fatal error aka low failure rate. 

Example, when you press a calculator in the computer 1+1 and the results is 2.


Computer allowed user to stored enormous of data in the computer, such as RAM, ROM, BIOS, CMOS and other’s flash memory device as well as pendrives, hard disk, card reader and so on.


Computer allowed user to surf on the internet or a documents in the computer with a incredibly travel speed.


Communication is one of the tools that used to communicate to each other’s. Most widely used communication devices nowadays are modems.

Example: It enable users to chat in Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and so on. 


Results that generates the same input and output process. Such as press a mouse button at the document and it’s open the document and dispalyed on the screen.


I love my laptop


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