Causes and How to Overcome Computer

Causes and How to Overcome Computer / PC often restart Own.

Reasoning need longer to find the cause of frequent computer restarts itself, but I have some tips and answers to address solutions that happen to restart the computer buddy.Here are 2 (two) fundamental things that need to know as my friend Cause and How to Solve Computer / PC often restart Self / Hal – the most frequent cause computer restart:    

A. Electricity: electricity is the main thing to check out my friend, in this case is the Voltage (Voltage) mains voltage pal. Use the AVO meter to check voltage electrical voltage pal, plug in electric avo meter wall pal, if it reaches 220 V? , If it does not reach a voltage of 220 V or about 160-190 V (up and down), I assure you my friend will restart the computer continuously, in this case as a solution to the buddy should use the help Stabilizer / Stavolt. If you need to send someone to fix the PLN power house and scolded my friend as well. [Supply of electricity will not cause the computer restart / off and the impact destruction Hardware, Hard Disk, Motherboard and Memory]    

2. Power Supply: Power Supply Damage is predicted little, the faulty Power Supply will provide power that is not perfect is up – down and stagnant – stagnant, when the power supply voltage drops, the computer will restart my friend. [Solution: A simple and powerful way is to use a fan / fan that has lights, note the bright lights, if terkedip - blink immediately replace the power supply mate. ]If you feel the electricity is not the reason my friend restart the computer the following notice:A. Restart when Booting Windows.If the Restart at Boot windows, this is due to damage to the system start up, called it corrupt files on windows, or use less memory of my friend / damaged.Solution: If the broken windows then have to reinstall my friend / to install windows again. Remember! sometimes this is also due to memory, when windows restart the CPU / Processor will work very hard, if memory does not support the restart will occur.

2. Restart when Running Program / Main Games (Low / Bad Memory)When my friend to run applications that do not correspond to the amount of computer PC specs mate there will be a restart, Low Memory which used to be the cause of it. Suppose that playing games is a big pal and buddy run Multi Tasking such as playing games and open the program – other programs that cause memory buddies to work extra hard, including anti-virus, anti virus will take quite a lot pal source computer and the computer sometimes my friend will be heavy.Solution: add the capacity of Memory. Remember! Bad Memory also causes the computer to frequent Blue Screen and Restart.

3. CPU / Processor HeatCPU / Processor is too hot can cause the computer to restart, check the CPU temperature on the buddy system BIOS, the normal temperature range between 45 º – 55 º, if this is the cause.Solution: Remove the CPU / Processor, provide clean Thermal Paste / Pasta CPU Cooler, see the fan / fan of his, a nice change if necessary, should not that read Made in China or that cost 30 rb’s.

4. Crash Program / Virus-MalwareMany computer program that takes source is too large, I recommend adjusting the buddy program installed with the computer specs mate, Viruses also often take large computer resources without us knowing it.Solution: Replace the old computer buddy with a qualified computer and install anti-virus.This – the above is the most frequent causes frequent computer restarts itself make, I recommend checking out and tries a step – a step above, hopefully this article solve a problem mate.

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