10 Cheap USB Toys That Will Make You Smile

With all the computer gadgets out there now a days, I was glad to find sites that still sell simple computer gadgets that make a person smile. Check out some of the USB toys that are cheap and make people smile.

Anyone who owns a computer and uses it on a daily basis can symphonize with me when I say I get bored sometimes sitting here waiting for my movie or music downloads to be complete or burning project.

My computer isn’t typically slow but there are days it takes forever so this got me think of little things I could be doing while I was sitting here waiting.

I checked out some sites and came across lots of little office toys you can plug into your USB ports but my list contains merely little cheap USB toys that will make you smile.



I know some people out there might not find this funny but to me these USB Humping Dogs are so cute and hilarious. They are fairly cheap only costing $12.99 from most computer gizmo shops, and once plugged into the computer they start humping the USB stick with speed. A great gag gift for someone close to you and will definitely put a smile on most people’s face.

USB Retro Upright Vacuum


Now don’t expect to clean the house with this little guy but it is meant to clean up around your computer work area. It works just like the normal size vacuums only smaller and is still pretty powerful. Easy to clean and only cost $19.99 perfect for that clean freak you might know.

USB Missile Launcher


Ok, ok I know what the majority of you are thinking and your right this is kind of an immature toy, but still it puts a smile on my face so it’s bound to do the same for another. This USB Missile Launcher cost $29.99 and is ready for firing out of the box. Just simply plug it into your USB port and aim the missiles with your mouse and press your button to fire. The soft foam darts will shoot an amazing 12 feet and is guaranteed to make someone smile.

USB Kitty


The USB Kitty is a neat little gadget for the desktop of cat lovers. This little guy is totally functional and uses voice, sound and motion technology. It sits on your desktop and every now and then lets out a little meow when it senses your movement. Great little gift for that special pet lover and only cost $24.99 at most gizmo stores.

USB Hamster


Here’s another cute little USB toy for the pet lovers out there. This little hamster on the wheel is cute and will run around the wheel as fast as you can type on the keyboard.

USB Putter Return


Finally for all you hardcore golfers there is a putter game now available for your desktop or laptop computer. It returns the ball and keeps track of your score and anyone else that plays. For only $18.99 you can’t go wrong for such an enjoyable game.

USB Motorcycle Engine


This little toy appealed to me because I am a huge fan of motorcycles. This little USB gadget once plugged in sounds like a chopper and also has totally function parts. The block moves up and down and if you switch gears the engine sounds changes like it does when you shift on a normal size motorcycle. For only $39.99 it makes the perfect gift and will put a smile on any motorcycle lover’s face.

USB Chameleon


This life like Chameleon has to be one of my favorite USB gadgets yet. I only recently fell in love with lizards because my youngest step daughter had gotten one for a birthday present. It sits on the corner of your screen as you can see and every now and then it rolls its eyes usually in different directions. This little guy will definitely bring smiles to anyone you see’s it in action and for $24.99 I think I’ll be buying one.

USB Greenhouse


If you’re a plant fanatic then this little USB greenhouse might be for you. All you do is simply place the soil in the bottom of the greenhouse, and then you plant the Marigold seeds which come with the package and plug it into your USB port. Water every couple days and watch your plant grow big and healthy. It’s pretty reasonably priced at only $29.99 and makes a great last minute gift.

USB Bendi Board


Are you messy or accident prone like me? If so, then this might be the answer to your problems. This is the Bendi Keyboard which is totally functional and almost indestructible. It’s made from 2 pieces of rubber totally sealed around each key eliminating the worry of spilling drinks on your keyboard and much more. It’s easy to use and very easy to clean since it is machine washable. The average price range for a keyboard similar to this is about $30 which to me isn’t all that bad considering how messy I can be at times.

roberto sardelli

haha, my favorite is the vacuum cleaner mouse, excellent one. Thanks for the laugh, well done

william rodriguez II

Wow, amazing! Thanks for sharing this!

tracy sardelli

Excellent article, i love the kitty usb, i am amazed at what’s available, thank you for sharing.

Sean Michael Muir

Wow, that is a super cool keyboard, excellent article!

Glynis Smy

I loved them all!! I havn’t come across these before, I love the hoover. The greenhouse is nice but me and water near my computer is a no go! Great article

Chris Stonecipher

As a former US Marine, I enjoyed the USB missle launcher.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

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