Xiaomi Phone The Best Smart Phone to Hit India This August

Xiaomi Phone is a cheap 1.5 GHz Android V.2.3.5 smart phone to hit the Indian market this september of 2011.

Specifications of the chinese Xiami phone as per Wizard journal.com is  it is a gigantic  super smartest of the smart phone 

1.Qualcomm 1.5 GHZ Dual core processor ( greater than the Galaxy s2 priced at 29,000 Rs or the i phone 4

2. 266MHz Adreno 220 graphics processor (it would support HD Games from Android Market 

3. 1 GB RAM / 4GB ROm

4. Android V.2.3.5

The other notable features of the phone, it comes with 7 customizable panels (typical Chinese). 1930mAh Battery and weighs only 150 g which is quite higher than it’s competitor. Galaxy S2 

It also comes with a 4 inch touchscreen made by Sharp and a “GPS” with Dual antenna . and it’s also said from Engadget.com that members from Xiaomi’s forum will receive 600 special phones shipped to them starting from 29th to 31st

It also has a 8 megapixel camera and a 2 megapixel front facing camera. impressive for 310$ price tag .other competitors giving costs are given below as per Chennai (India’s) univercell.in

samsung galaxy S2  - 30,500 Rs

LG Optimus 2X          - 27,000 Rs

sony ericsson Arc      - 28,000 RS

The I Phone 4           – 34,000 16 GB only available with Airtel  official site

although the above phones cost 2000 Rs  lesser if you shop online at saholic.com 

This Xiaomi Phone is new to India but already people love the china phones since they are very cheap and hope the phone stands to it’s mark for future mobile and tech news like us on facebook 


Can somebody tell me when this mobile will be buyable in indian market?

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