Workout Trainer: Sports Coaches in Android


Workout Trainer: Sports Coaches in Android

It’s hard to take the time to exercise? Or do not know how to exercise properly and effectively? For those of you who have a gadget Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch now available applications that can be a guiding light in an indoor sport.

As the name suggests, workout trainer has several virtual coach who provides guidance when we do the exercises. There are many categories of sports in this application that we can choose as we like exercise to lose weight, shape the abdomen and back, cardio, weight lifting, yoga, full body, running, walking, strength and many other categories.

Images and sounds are downloaded from the application of high-quality workout trainer as well and so we need a fast connection to download it. Once downloaded, the exercises are stored in the phone and ready to be opened at any time when we need so we do not continue to be connected to the server.

Sports that are inside most do not require tools and can use the limited space. There are many types of motion, for each type of movement only takes 30 seconds to about 2 minutes and each workout only takes 10-30 minutes.

Do not worry if the exercise is too heavy or too light, there is an option given the level of intensity ranging from casual, moderate to intense. We are free to choose according to the condition of our body.

Features that exist in the application workout trainer:

     Wear headphones and follow the instructions and audio cues of progress
     Accompanied with photos and instructional videos that explain each step in detail
     Share your workout via Email, Facebook and Twitter
     Can create and edit your own practice of Android phones!
     Add widget on the screen next to see the new exercises are added every day
     Play your favorite music while sporting outside
     Try the exercises recommended by other users.

Applications workout trainer produced by skimble can be downloaded free of charge to users of Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, for those who want to get the exercises of high-quality premium can upgrade to the Pro version for a fee of course.

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