Without Him, There Will be No Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Etc

Ritchie was so big in the world of IT services so that Jason Perlow of ZDNet site says that without Ritchie, Steve Jobs might not known in the world of gadgets.

Last week, there is sad news about the death of Dennis Ritchie. Not many people are familiar with Ritchie though its role in the world of computer technology is very large. Could have said, if there is no Ritchie is little possibility at this time we can all enjoy the BlackBerry, Android also Apple’s IOS. Ritchie was so big in the world of IT services so that Jason Perlow of ZDNet site says that without Ritchie, Steve Jobs might not known in the world of gadgets.

No doubt that Steve Jobs is already providing innovative products and iconic that previously did not exist in the world of gadgets. But the miracle product that was introduced by Apple’s Jobs, according to Parlow, in fact owe a great debt to Ritchie, who died Oct. 8 at the age of 70 years.

Dennis Ritchie is not the millionaires of Silicon Valley are always amazed to invite conference participants to the iPhone or iPad which he introduced. Ritchie is a scientist who likes to wear a cardigan sweater in a cluttered office. In contrast to Steve Jobs who was once a student drop-out, Ritchie is a doctoral graduate of Harvard University with a PhD. in Physics and Applied Mathematics and has worked as an expert on AT & T Bell Laboratories in New Jersey.

According to Parlow, it is important to understand how we can compare someone who really has a great contribution to industry and computer technology, but not known for his work for the company’s AT & T class and someone who is referred to as the inventor as Steve Jobs. But we realize that the world is more interested in people who are introducing new designs in the industry, ie, those who understand what customers want. In other words, a salesman who managed to introduce a product and selling that person will be remembered by the public as being successful. Unfortunately the public is more interested in it than the salesman who has found the technology in the product, so obviously Parlow.

On the other hand, Dennis Ritchie is the man who discovered, and one person who found the two keys in the field of software technology at the heart of any computer software that we use in this modern era. Ritchie began to develop the C programming language between 1969 and 1973. Since its introduction 40 years ago, the C programming language has been used in various operating systems. In 1978, Brian Kernighan and Ritchie published a book called “The C Programming Language” which is then referred to as mandatory reading for every computer experts, including computer science students.

Ritchie is also one of the creators of UNIX operating system. this OS has been completely redesigned in the early 1970s, using the C programming language. All the leading computer vendors have been using UNIX. Even Microsoft, also has a product called Xe-nix which later sold to SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation).

One branch of UNIX System V Unixes are currently more we know as IBM AIX, Oracle Salaries, SCO Unix Ware and HP-UX Hewlett Packard. All the OS is known as the Big Iron OS that causes the birth of major companies in the Fortune 1000, all of which use a variety of business applications based on System V Unixes. Without the System V Unixes, Fortune 1000 may not be able to run their business.

The second branch is BSD UNIX (Berkeley Systems Distribution) which includes Free-BSD / Net-BSD / Open-BSD which is the basis of Mac OS X and iPhone IOS into force.

Which became another important part of UNIX is GNU / Linux. Linux kernel (developed by Linus Torvalds) combined with the GNU user-space programs, tools and utilities will create a variety of UNIX-like OS, or compatible with UNIX.

By design, GNU / Linux has properties similar to UNIX. Could say, in the absence of UNIX developed by Ritchie and his friends; Brian Kernighan, Ken Thompson, Douglas Mcllroy and Joe Ossanna at Bell Labs, then there would be no Linux or other Open Source Software.

Without thinking Ritchie, there could not be Android smart phone, DVR and streaming devices, Mac also iPad. For that we should be grateful to Dennis Ritchie has brought Mac Alistair technology in our lives now so that gave birth to lots of tech experts.

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