What is Pro/engineer Software Program?

What is pro/Engineer software program?

Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, before looking at the innovations in our country, unfortunately, the company known PTC, you must look at the strategy and products. PTC, in 1985, Needham, MA / USA was founded in 150 offices and 3,780 employees in 30 countries worldwide with more than 500,000 customers and more than 44.000 offers a service. With the Nasdaq stock exchange code PMTC rationed. The average annual turnover of $ 1milyar, the seventh largest company in the world of software, with $ 250 million in cash and the highest producer in the field of software company MCAD-PLM. PTC integrated and expandable according to the needs of CAD / CAM / CAE and PLM and a single database with all of these solutions offers a contrast to the usual. PTC process-oriented CAD / CAM, even if one of those undertaken by the leading role. Even some of the leading CAD / CAM, the founders came from inside the PTC.

Pro / ENGINEER is based on a single database, parametric, and modular process-oriented PLM system. Today, all over the world as businesses, small, SMEs and large industrial companies from all sectors to all types of design processes and product development, production machinery, molds, household appliances, automotive, agricultural machinery , shipbuilding, electrical / electronics, medical products, telecommunications, household appliances, metal products, heating and cooling, and the manufacturing sectors such as defense and aerospace design and product development processes of all types of collateral industries, universities , institutes of technical education institutions and R & D is the software used. This is the result of the different sectors to respond to the modular structure. All types of design, production, analysis and data management needs of these modules for the modules are available and working under a single database.

Pro / ENGINEER ’s all over the world one of the most important innovations has been released with version 2001. Allowing the use of behavior modeling in design parameters in the module BMX secondary (Behavioral Modeling Extension). Optimization design, the characteristics of the product, automatically and in a single step to achieve the expected goal of this module, the design and examine the effect of a change in performance, and many goals and has the ability to forecast in a buluĊŸturabilme single point. The data obtained, the Pro / ENGINEER ’s use other applications for the next step. Thus, each phase is designed to achieve optimal design. Unfortunately, this form is unknown in our country, and even more not being used, the design part, the finite element analysis of mechanism design or even eliminating the trial and error, Tc, and then the CAD / CAM moved to a different dimension.

Tc companies, Rasna (Mechanica), Computervision (CADDS 5) Wildfire 5.0 and CDRS began to look at buyouts would be understood better innovations. Former users of Pro / ENGINEER ’s first appearance in the design features reminiscent of the surface as inappropriate. This inability to close quickly while holding the CDRS. ISDX (Interactive Surface Design Extension) with a very good contrast to the assertion that many people came to a punt.


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