What Apple IOS Six Has to Offer to Mobile Device Users

Different mobile users have different needs and preferences when it comes to mobile gadgets and operating systems. Let us take a closer look at what the IOS six has to offer.

Since the launch of Apple IOS 6, many mobile device users have debated within and among themselves if this Apple development is worth spending for.  Different mobile users have different needs and preferences when it comes to mobile gadgets.  Let us take a closer look at what the IOS 6 has to offer.

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Upgraded Siri

On the iPad 3, the iPhone 5, and the iPod touch fifth generation, the Siri voice-controlled personal assistant has the ability to launch apps, post to Facebook and Twitter, and provide information on local places and events including movie listings and sports info.  For now, it remains to serve US localities only.

The Passbook Virtual Wallet

The Passbook is Apple’s version of the virtual wallet. This app stores your coupon codes, discount cards, booked tickets, and other other files created using the Passbook file-type all in one place for easy viewing and retrieval. Once done, these files can be virtually shredded away as you watch.

Apple Maps

Thie Apple Maps is IOS’s replacement for Google Maps.  This Tom-Tom assisted map app features 3D buildings and a Google-Earth-ish Flyover mode.  It also offers live traffic information and a listing of 100 million businesses.  The turn-by-turn street navigation it offers is Siri controlled.  However, Google Maps users may not be convinced enough to shift just yet.

Facebook Integration

The Facebook integration of IOS6 provides and easy way for users to keep their friends’ contact details such as phone numbers, birthdays, and other event synced and will appear conveniently in the Calendar. 

Through Siri, IOS6 users can also post status updates by voice. Now, that’s something fancy and convenient, too.

Eyes Free Mode and Car Integration

Apple made it possible for car drivers to use the phone without having to actually hold it by integrating a hardware button into steering wheels to activate Siri. Many car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, and Honda are now ready for this development. 

These and some other enhancements can be found in Apple’s IOS6 gadgets. Also worth looking into are iCloud tabs, Do Not Disturb Option, Face Time calls, and its Panoramic mode photo capture.


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