Types of Computer

Computers can be divided into three types. This division depends design and working of a computer which differs on the type of data tr into it and the form of its output. These three types of computers are:-

# Analog Computers Digital Computers

* Hybrid Computers ANALOG COMPUTER.

Computers can be divided into three types. This division depends design and working of a computer which differs on the type of data tr into it and the form of its output. These three types of computers are:-

# Analog Computers Digital Computers

* Hybrid Computers ANALOG COMPUTER

An analog computer accepts data in continuous or physical form, r it in a suitable form to perform scientific operations. Analog data include speed, pressure, temperature, fluid’s flow, voltage, current etc. These are  purpose computers and can be used for complex scientific and mat] calculations. These are also used in industrial units to control various f Analog computers are very fast in their processing but are not accurate.


Digital computers are general-purpose in use. Digital computers many sizes and shapes. A digital computer accepts data in the form represents it in terms of discrete numbers and processes numbers using Arithmetic and logic operations. Modern digital computers are capable large amount of data and information and also compute data at a very hi They are used in almost every field of life such as scientific and research, business, education, health care, supermarkets, factories, transportation, space exploration, art and music etc.


A hybrid computer combines best features of analog an< computers. They are special-purpose computers, which are fast and Hybrid computers help the user to handle both the analog and digital data machines are generally used in scientific applications and in monitoring Processes. Hybrid computers are used in hospitals to carry out investigations and to watch/monitor patient’s health state in intensive (ICU) and alert the doctors to handle any unusual situation. These computers are  used in telemetry, spaceships, guided missiles etc. 1.6   CLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERS

Computers can be classified according to their sizes into the following four main groups:- „

■ Supercomputers ■   Mainframe

■ Minicomputer and ■   Microcomputer

This classification is based on their processing power, speed, size of main memory and other capabilities of computers.


Supercomputers are the largest fastest and most expensive computers developed in 1980s to handle complicated problems. These have extraordinary computing power required by large organizations, scientific laboratories, “aerospace centers, large industrial units, research laboratories, etc.

Supercomputers are used in space exploration forecasting weather, aircraft design, and nuclear researches. They are used in a time-sharing mode in which thousands of users can be attached to a supercomputer at the same time. Some of the supercomputers are CRAY-1, CRAY-2 and CYBER 205.


Mainframes are large-scale computers. Computer systems of this size require very large rooms and other arrangements like cooling etc. Mainframes are very fast and have very large memory. They are used by government and large organizations such as banks, airlines and universities where hundreds of users can handle multiple processing tasks at a time. This means that a mainframe is able to do different jobs for different users at the same time. For example, it is doing statistical analysis for one user and at the same time printing a report for the second user and financial statement for the third user and so on. Examples of mainframe computers are CYBER 176 and IBM 4341.


These low cost computers use integrated circuits. These surprisingly powerful computers find their application in business,  government. Minicomputers can support multiple-users and multiple mainframes through the use of terminals. Digital Equipment (introduced minicomputers in the mid-1960s. Other companies sue General Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, IBM Corporation and Prime also manufactures mini computers.


A microcomputer is a relatively inexpensive computer that is rapidly used in all application areas. Microcomputers were introduced in 1970: of the development of microprocessor. A microprocessor is a semiconductor. Very Large Scale Integrated circuit (VLSI) having processing c Microprocessors are inexpensive and very small in size and thus have: size and weight of microcomputers or personal computers. Microcomputers a greater impact on some people and business than any other type of Personal Computers are widely used in thousands of applications. Ex IBM PC, AT&T, PS/2 and Apple Macintosh microcomputers.


As computers have acquired more features, they have acquired n well. They can be used as typewriters, calculators, accounting keepers and telecommunication instruments. They can also act as cam and toys. Microcomputers have wide variety of uses in homes. Even ] little or no programming experience can use microcomputers

Computer has emerged out as the most useful and powered developed, which has changed the information need of most of the pc the world. Computer technology has a deep and long-lasting in international trade, pattern of employment, industrial productivity, entertainment, space explorations, health care, education, art, researches and investigation of crimes etc. It has provided opportunity people to work and learn at home. This would bring radical changes in by eliminating the need of huge offices, crowded schools and university.


With each passing day, computers are more and more involved in our lives and are affecting us in many ways. In banks, factories, stores, schools  or even in homes we find computers or computerized systems all around us.We are  tuned to use computerized microwave ovens, washing machines. We also used to do computerized bank transactions, computerized shopping etc. Computers make us more productive in many of our jobs. In education a help us for better understanding faster learning and broaden our thinking, In Hospitals we have better diagnosis, proper treatment and better healthcare. Thus computers have changed the way we work, the way we learn and the way we communicate. It is helping us to do thing efficiently and accurately.

We are also facing problems arising from the use of computers. These are Unemployment due to automation, wastage of time and energy in useless computer activities, data security, personal privacy and computer crimes, Technology is a tool that is neutral between good and evil. We have used it for we have untested technologies of tremendous power in our hands. It is too to tell whether they will be used to build or to destroy.


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