The Ultimate Computer: Soon a Reality?

Quantum computing is the holy grail of computer science, and it could be closer than we think.

Quantum Computing is the ultimate step for computers to take, and represents the pinnacle in computing technology. A quantum computer is infinitely more powerful than any computer in existence today, and if one were to be developed it would mark a change in the computing world of a level unseen since computers were first invented.

Normally, computers store information as a “bit”. A bit is stored in either an ON or an OFF state, and be interpreting the various combinations a computer can store and analyse massive amounts of data. However, as explained here, there is a limit to how powerfula  computer can be made using bits. Once the amount of stored data reaches a certain amount, the time taken to run simulations and programs increases to a phenomenal degree.

Quantum computing introduces Qubits. Unlike bits, Qubits store information as an ON or OFF state as well as possibly storing it in every position in between. The power of Qubits becomes apparent when you realise that it can see every possible combination of Qubits, all at once. Billions of calculations and combinations can be made in less than a second. The power of computers increases a billion fold, with huge repercussions for society, science and human development as we know it. Sounds like the work of science fiction, right?

Except IBM recently announced they have found a way to stabilise Qubits for 100 milliseconds. Doesn’t sound like much, for a normal person. But for a computer capable of theoretically knowing everything? That’s a lifetime.

This is the future.


Will there ever be the perfect computer? They will always want to top the best one it is a never ending cycle! Everyone wants the newest and best thing!


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Nice wore, need a lot to learn about computers.


Great Piece Its amazing how far they have come in such a small amount of time. I remember my first computer a comador (such a long time ago that I have forgotten how to spell it). All I had was one big 5.5 disc and the thing took hours to start up. Good memories
Best Wishes


I must be even older than the last commentor, stevetheblogger. I took computer science in high school when we wrote our programs one line at a time on mappo cards – filling in bubbles with a soft pencil – and then we fed the cards through a reader to a mainframe computer. I think that our user cards allowed us 0.8 seconds of computer time. That was around 1981/82. Our teacher once brought his personal computer to show us the future of computer technology.

It is astounding how far computers have come in the last 30 years. I have never heard of quantum computing, but that really would be the stuff of science fiction becoming reality. That is not unprecedented, though. The wireless communicators used in the original series of Star Trek was touted as fantasy, as was 2 way video phones.

Just by coincidence, I am currently reading a science fiction series by Stephen Lawhead: The Bright Empires Trilogy. He has his characters jumping through alternate universes by way of ley lines. One character was the first to map out the various jumps.. Since he couldn’t count on any other medium to draw his maps, he had the map tattooed onto his skin. After he died, the map was removed, Most of the plot for the rest of the novels involves a hunt for the pieces of the skin map. This really has nothing to do with your article, I just tend to spew. Your article was fascinating, by the way.

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