The Bad Facts About Facebook


 This is an article about simple things…

  This is about Facebook…

 This article I will say the bad news about Facebook, It is a social screw-up. It’s a place for kids to be bullied and hurt. It can also bring down self-esteem. See if a child has no friends at school then when they set up a Facebook…What do they have? Absolutely nobody! I will state Five reasons why Facebook is not good.

 5. Facebook’s terms of service are completely one sided! Facebook’s Terms of Service not only state they own your data. But if you don’t update it they terminate your account. You can argue to me that the terms are just protecting Facebook but in the context of their other activities. The defense is pretty weak. You’ll see that their customers are unpaid employees for crowd-sourcing ad-targeting data.

 4. FACEBOOK IS A BULLY! Pete Warden did the bait-and-switch works (which was the data of Facebooks privacy  settings changes was made public) they sued him. This just happened before they announced the Open Graph API and stated that the “default is now social.”  So why sue an independent software developer and fledgling entrepreneur for making data publicly available when you’re actually already planning to do that yourself? Their real agenda is pretty clear: they don’t want their membership to know how much data is really available. It’s one thing to talk to developers about how great all this sharing is going to be; quite another to actually see what that means in the form of files that anyone can download into.

3.  At this point, all your data is shared with applications that you install. Which means now you’re not only trusting Facebook, but the application developers, too, many of whom are too small to worry much about keeping your data secure. And some of whom might be even more ethically challenged than Facebook. In practice, what this means is that all your data – all of it – must be effectively considered public, unless you simply never use any Facebook applications at all. Coupled with the Open Graph API, you are no longer trusting Facebook, but the Facebook ecosystem.

 2.Even if we weren’t talking about ethical issues here, I can’t trust Facebook’s technical competence to make sure my data isn’t hijacked. For example, their recent introduction of their “Like” button makes it rather easy for spammers to gain to my feed and spam my social network. Or how about this gem for harvesting profile data? They either don’t care too much about your privacy or don’t really have very good engineers, or perhaps both.

 2. The so-called Open Graph API is named so as to disguise its fundamentally closed nature. It’s bad enough that the idea here is that we all pitch in and make it easier than ever to help Facebook collect more data about you. It’s bad enough that most consumers will have no idea that this data is basically public. It’s bad enough that they claim to own this data and are aiming to be the one source for accessing it. But then they are disingenuous enough to call it “open,” when, in fact, it is completely proprietary to Facebook. You can’t use this feature unless you’re on Facebook. A truly open implementation would work with whichever social network we prefer, and it would look something like Open Like. Similarly, they implement just enough of Open ID to claim they support it, while aggressively promoting a proprietary alternative,


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