Symbian Belle Came to Nokia Phones in Early 2012

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Symbian Belle is the latest version of the environment most advanced system icons exclusively developed by Finland’s Nokia. It is currently available in two signature phones, the Nokia 700 and Nokia 701, but all the phones that were initially offered for sale with Symbian 3 (the basic version of the platform for the company’s advanced smartphones) or Symbian Anna will be compatible with Symbian Belle. The question is when will the upgrade of the system.

Today we’ve known that since the company has given more clues about the planned agenda for this process. In particular, since the Nokia account in the UK (@Nokia_UK) have reported that “Symbian Belle will be out early next year”.

So, are ruled out hopes of those who were betting that the Espoo-based company released the new edition of the operating system before the end of the year in the compatible phones (Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, Nokia X7, Nokia E6 and Nokia 500).

So far, it had the possibility (rumored since Nokia had not clues to the renovation process with real time) that the list of phones that we have just started to receive details of the package of improvements since this December.

But it seems not possible to get it until next month at least, even from places like Unwired View are not so optimistic, and bet all their chips the month of February as the start time of the update.

Yet, as I told another time, yes it is possible to taste the sweets of Symbian Belle, but for now only in a terminal without the consent of the manufacturer. And is that as we tell you another time, the Nokia C7 can install the advanced system of native Finnish firm through a package of improvements unofficial.

Of course, this will require put hand to the art of the apparatus, which is not at all recommended process in face of all those users who are not very learned in this mobile surgery (although not necessary to resort to hardware for it).


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