Smart Phone to Watch Out for: Xtouch Future X401

This is an unbiased review of the new member of the X-touch family, an android phone that wants to make Samsung and Apple run for their money: X-touch Future X401.

Smart phones are hot in the market; most users almost make these kind of phones a necessity because of the diverse tasks you can do using it. However, there are just too many phones in the market, and the top sellers are usually expensive. 

One brand, though, wanted to give the best of both worlds: quality and affordability. Will it be successful? Featuring, X-Touch Future X401 by TechSync Electronics Trading.

About X-Touch and Techsync

“Touch here, Touch the world!”

X-Touch is a line of tablets and smart phones from TecSync, one of the leading designers, manufacturers and marketers of electronic devices based in United Arab Emirates. The brand is aimed to “emotionally touch” and excite their customers by offering high-tech, ambitious, reliable and unique gadgets at low cost.

The ambitious new member of the family, X-Touch Future X401, boasts of its Dual Core processor, enabling the unit to have a fast mobile experience. It also has a 5-megapixel back camera with flash, and a 1.3-megapixel front camera; these cameras can be toggled straight from the “locked” mode of your phone. X401 has a 4.3-inch screen which is also multi-touch responsive, and runs on an Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Other specs include a 512 megabyte memory, 4 gigabyte internal storage and supports up to 32 gigabytes external micro SD card memory.

X401’s Technical Specifications:






Android 4.0.3


 1Ghz Power VR SGX531 Ultra processor


Integrated Graphic Card




4GB extend to 32GB max

External Storage

Support 32GB Micro TF Card


Screen Size




Touch Screen

5 points Capacitive Touch Screen


Arabic, English, Chinese,French,23 languages,etc.


Recharge Type

Adapter or USB Cable

Battery Type

Rechargeable Lithium Battery


Dual 2100mah lithium battery

Using Time

5 hours video, 20 days standby, according to the using condition



802.11b/g wireless internet, Built in GPS




Bluetooth 2.0 technology , A2DP Sound recorder

External RJ45



GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ WCDMA2100MHZ



3.5 mm standard OMTP


Support most video type,3D Video play


Micro USB

Charger Type

110V-220V Input,5V,DC 2.5A Output


Front camera 1.3 Megapixel,back camera 5 Megapixel

Mic & speaker


SIM card

Dual SIM cards dual standby



Support 3GP,MP4,RMVB formats 


Support MP3,FM


Office software,Arabic keyboard,Skype,QQ, MSN,Skype,G-talk,Yahoo,Gmail,Hotmail






Support Android system upgrading



120.1 x  66.0 x 9.5 mm


137 g

Enough with the Intros. The Review!

Alright, yours truly is a gamer, so don’t be surprised if most of the things I take note of about this phone is about gaming. I know this isn’t a console, it’s a phone, but what can I do? Hahaha.

On first glance, you’ll thought you are handling a Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 phone. Indeed there are a bit of similarities in the outside features of the two phones, but no…the tag on the back part of the phone says “XTouch”. 


X401 is a dual-sim smart phone. When I say dual sim, it means it has two sim card slots, and both is activated on the phone. If you’re going to text someone using, say, the second sim card, toggling from the first sim to the second sim is easy — drag down the notification bar and tap on the network and you’re done.

Of course, voice quality on phone also depends on the network you are using, but as to the phone, the voice quality is clear.  

Operating System

X401 runs on Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwhich, FYI) which is good and very friendly for android beginners. Since it is an Android phone, you can easily find apps, both paid and free on the internet and download the apps and games directly to your phone (yes, the phone is wifi ready). It also supports android OS upgrading (unlike other phones that will give you a bit of a headache when you upgrade or a very hard-pounding chest whenever you contemplate on upgrading your OS).

Gamers’ Delight

The phone having a dual core processor gives a great experience playing games like Final Fantasy 3The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises without lagging (do you think I just play Angry Birds?).  And yes, read that again —- without lagging. Processing and loading time is also really quick (to none at all, in case ofFinal Fantasy 3). The multi-touch function gives the user a full control on the games, adding to that is the good sound quality for better gaming experience or for listening to music — with or without headphones. Crisp smooth sounds, my brother.

Screen and Video Playback Quality

The 4.3-inch screen which uses AMOLED technology gives a crystal clear, HD view for my applications. It also gives superb quality video watching, may it be from videos recorded or saved from your phone or through YouTube, with this screen. Further, unlike other phones which makes the video looked “lip synching” because the video play is delayed with the sound (which I always encounter with one of my Samsung phones), you won’t encounter such problem with XTouch Future X401.

Lights, Camera!

The 5 megapixels camera captures HD pictures and video fast. I never miss an opportunity to capture great moments through the fast locked screen to camera function. Front camera (of course it doesn’t have a flash) is good too. You can also switch color modes (sepia, black and white, etc.). It has auto-focus function, auto-scene detect, and continuous shots in four, eight and sixteen shots. Oh, did I mention that it also has a panoramic function? Cool huh. What also amuses me is that there’s no more “loading time” when you tap the capture button — the picture will be taken very quick. 

Photo taken using the main/back camera

Photo taken using the front camera — with dim lights

Video recording is fast and smooth too. Using the back camera, it records HD quality videos. Flash function can also be enabled while recording a video — instant lighting!


X401’s Bluetooth 2.0  never gives me problem in sharing files. 3G and WiFi gives me good internet browsing, uploading and downloading experience.

Battery Life

Smart phones are infamous of their fast battery draining even on a freaking standby mode. X401, however,  gives me a whopping 3.5 days on standby and around 2 days on gaming / wifi mode (it should be 2.5 days minus the sleeping and eating time), not bad for a battery charged for only 2-4 hours. Also, take note that the package includes 2 battery packs, so you have a spare one. If you are going on a hard-core continuous texting – calling – gaming – surfing mode, having a (free) back-up battery pack is a a thumbs up. This is also good for travelling.


Upon purchasing, the phone includes a screen protector and a phone case, two battery packs, an earphone and an Android manual. Too bad it only has an Android manual and not an actual phone manual (”here’s your phone kid, enjoy exploring“!)

A problem I see here is that the brand is not famous, so when something bad happens to your phone and you need it repaired, you have to contact your dealer and the phone will be shipped to UAE. If only this one will be a bit more popular and have shops all around, that problem is solved.

Another thumbs up feature is the validation system. You can check if you have the authentic / original Xtouch unit by checking the box, scratching the validation sticker and checking the code at the XTouch website:

Other than that I had a very enjoyable experience with XTouch Future X401. For around Php 8,000 (roughly around USD 192.00, and yes the price I told you includes the shipping fee), it’s worth it. 


Good work thank you for sharing.



From where i can get technical assistance? i am not able to connect my device (X401) to any of my networks available in our region.


how can i upgrade my phone to jelly bean?


i cant browse on the internet, i am connected to my wifi and i can skype but i cant browse. HELP!


I am unable get free apps


hi….nicely reviewed….does this phone stuck while switching between menus and does it have google play store…..any drawback of this phone….must rply


Dear my Friend :

For your information just only 10 days ago i bay a Xtouch 401 Mobil from you dealer in naif rood

but after 5 days the top bottom key which is using for on & of it is not working how this possible a Mobil

whit this quality getting problem only after 5 days .

please refer me where i should give this for exchange or repair ?


Sabry Bruce Khan

My girlfriend bought one and returned it the following day. It was crap. The Phone would heat up immensely and after 100% charge, it would discharge real quick like in a few minutes. What a waste … but it looks nice and feels good in the hand.

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