Smart Bro Unlisurf Problem Solved

I only had one problem with the Unlisurf feature of the Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-it. I didn’t know that the solution to the problem has been there all along and only needs to be discovered. I am writing this for all Smart Bro Prepaid users who might have the same problem I had before.

When I discovered the solution to my Smart Bro Unlisurf problem, I suddenly felt so stupid for not seeing the first time. In my mind I said, “What? I didn’t know it is possible!”

I have been using my Smart Bro Prepaid Wireless Broadband Plug-it more than a year ago. I bought it the same time I bought my HP Mini Notebook. And I have been using the Smart Bro Unlisurf feature ever since.

Smart Bro Unlisurf 200

The Unlisurf 200 feature of the Smart Bro Wireless Broadband gives you five days of unlimited internet surfing for a very low price of 200 pesos. That’s only 40 pesos per day, compared to the regular rate of 10 pesos for 30 minutes.

You can avail of this feature by logging in to the Smart Bro Web Connect website and apply for the Unlisurf feature there.

Recently, there have released another feature called Smart Bro Unlisurf 100 where you can have two days of unlimited internet access for only 100 pesos. That’s 50 pesos per day, still way cheaper than the regular rate.

My Smart Bro Unlisurf Problem

I am enjoying the Unlisurf 200 feature ever since. The only problem I have with the feature is that I always need to go to the website first to register before I can get the five days of unlimited web access. This means that I need to be online first before I can apply for the feature. And getting online means I initially need to spend 10 pesos for the 30 minutes I need to apply for the feature.

I don’t really need all that 30 minutes to apply for the Unlisurf feature. In fact, it will only take less than a minute. But the 10 pesos for 30 minutes is a fixed rate and it’s the lowest denomination of internet access I can get.

The reality is, I am spending 210 pesos for the five days of unlimited internet surfing. That’s actually 42 pesos a day.

It’s really a very little problem and not worth complaining about because I still get cheap internet access. But I was thinking maybe they can create a system where I don’t have to go online to register for the Unlisurf 200.

So I started visiting their website and there I found the answer.

How to Save 10 Pesos on Your Smart Bro Unlisurf Usage

The option was there all along. I don’t really need to go online first and spend 10 pesos only to register for the Unlisurf package. How? It’s through texting.

I can actually register for the Smart Bro Unlisurf through SMS. I simply need to text UNLISURF 200 to 2200 on your Smart Bro texting interface.

That’s all.

The web option where I need to go online first and visit the Web Connect website to register is present only as an alternative. And for a long time I thought that is the only way to avail of the Unlisurf 200 feature. That’s really stupid, right? That’s how I felt. But I am wiser now.

It really pays to read the instructions, the terms and conditions, the fine print or whatever you may call it. It really imperative that we educate ourselves so don’t end up spending more than we need to.

I hope you learned something from this article because I have. Do you have more tips on using Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-it? Or do you have situation like this you may want to share? Please share them in the comments below.


Nice post :)


glad you found your solution.. nice share


This will help many Filipinos who use Smart Bro. A 10-peso savings means a lot especially for us, Triond writers.

maria beata lukban paras

how about if you want only for a day. and you don’t have the budget for 200 pesos. is the unlisurf 50 pesos also works for smart bro plug it the white one not the black plug it


sa mga may problema sa signal…. eto po ang inyong gawin….. Uninstall the program ng Smartbro then Reinstall it…bibilis ulet ung signal nyo… share ko lang po…enjoy


Harl Enterina

Gusto nyo ba ng magandang signal ng smart bro? kahit nasa bundok kayo? puwes may pag asa na ngayon. kasi noon bihira lang ako maka isang bar ng signal at malabo talaga ang connection pero ngayon thanks God nadiskobre ko na may maganda palang solusyon. ngayon pwede na ako mag facebook, mag youtube at iba pa. ang download speed ko ngayon ay aabot hanggang 70 to 150kbps minsan nga ay aabot hanggang 230kbps. that’s not bad at all di ba? if your interested, just txt me this no. 09286552143 or 09299934058 for the complete info and charges. just try you wont regret! Tested na po ito.

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