Should I Use a Blackberry?

Technology is changing every day, mobile phone industry is no exception. Nowadays a cell phone is more than just something you use to make phone calls. Today cell phones are multifunctional tools that allow you in touch with the world around you stay. One of the most popular devices is a BlackBerry.

But it is a right BlackBerry for you?

A BlackBerry allows you to make calls and send SMS and other mobile phones. But a BlackBerry is much more than your standard cell phone; this is why they are often called “Personal Digital Assistants” (PDA) or “Smartphones”.

This unusual device is the gateway to the overview of all products to keep every day. The major draw for many workplaces is the feature of “push e-mail”, ie, that the moment your e-mail account a message sent immediately to your phone, keep up to date and ready to answer your questions shall be. Unlike most phones, where you have to log in and wait for a connection to get your e-mail, a BlackBerry is “always on” when it comes to e-mail, so there’s no waiting. BlackBerry phones started as a mail client that allows users to keep track of their activities. However, like other mobile devices, they are evolving with the times. The integrated address book and to-do list in your personal calendar and contacts are kept in the palm. Most BlackBerry devices today also have cameras in them and can even play your favorite music. In an effort to be the ultimate all-in-one for the person on the go, many of its Web-browsing capabilities, as well as navigation software so that you can always find what you are when you need look. 

The standard BlackBerry design features a large screen with a trackball for menu navigation as well as a full QWERTY keyboard just. There are flip-phone BlackBerry devices that are smaller and a classification method similar to T9Word. More recently, BlackBerry released a new model with a touchscreen. No matter what you prefer, there’s a BlackBerry for all.

With all of these wonderful features and options, it’s no wonder many businesses either require employees to get a BlackBerry or provide them with one. If you are looking to stay in touch are on the road, could be a BlackBerry only that, look what you will. Technology is changing more and more everyday, and the cell phone industry is no exception. Today’s cell phones are multipurpose tools that help you stay connected to the world around you. One of the most popular device is a BlackBerry.

The Blackberry is less prone to hackers and viruses since it does have a built in firewall and dose not rely on a MS OS. There are quite a bit of third party apps available as well.

Most Blackberries support the major social networking sites through dedicated apps, including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, allowing you to stay updated and post information wherever you have network coverage. Given that many small businesses now rely on Twitter for marketing and Facebook’s ubiquity is starting to hit the corporate sphere, we think social networking on your Blackberry is a worthy investment indeed. Set it up just after email.


Good insights. I prefer iPhone though.

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