Say YES or No to Nokia N8

Looking for a iPhone killer, Nokia has killed itself by introducing N8. But its good enough to carry as a HD camera! In my review, I have a detailed Cons of Nokia N8.

In the age of touch screen revolution, Nokia recently launched N8 to hold their market presence. With Iphone, Galaxies around town, Nokia is really struggling to be a part of competition. Now Nokia N8 with unique camera, touchscreen which no other phones have! Then what is the problem with N8? I Got the phone within two weeks after booking and have covered maximum applications, also tested phone with its limit. 

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Design of the phone is excellent comparing to iPhone, but comparing the speed of the phone N8 is no match for iPhone 4. Even iPhone 3GS is much faster than N8. Then I searched the specification of the phone which tells me it has only 680 Mhz processor. Then Nokia feels the phone is slow, then they have to increase the Memory. Only 256 MB RAM doesn’t delivers multitasking smoothly. So its ended that the phone is under powered.   
If you really mean fun with a phone, the phone with android or iPhone OS can satisfies your demand. Do not think Symbian ^3 outsmarts iPhone OS.  I am not comparing with no of applications iPhone and Symbian has. But with the interface that lacks feature and sometimes slow with the processor, I would say Symbian 9.4 is better than version ^3.  Every other says Android and iPhone has more applications. But do you use all 50,000 applications. Less is better, Symbian has only 5000 applications and games it’s available at OVI store is enough for me. And someone says its costly, with a camera that has HD recording and HD playback is steal with this price. Comparing with HTC and Blackberry torch its more affordable. 
The phone has inbuilt battery, so if you want to replace you will be charged to change the battery. Also battery lasts for one day with WiFi, 3G, and part time music playback.  Over all phone is excellent, with camera that feels like professional photographer style, with HDMI support to play back my tallents through LCD screen, I am really satisfied! 
I would give it has 8/10 for overall performance. With OS and speed performance I would give 6/10 score. 


Thanks for the wonderful information


This is one ‘Yes’ thing from Nokia but scores only 60%, it’s fine to possess one!


I do say YES! ^_^ Thanks for share.


Definitely YES for N8!
Been using it for over a year, and with the Belle upgrade, am definitely very satisfied. Performance and speed actually improved!
I multitask between 2-4 apps, but have had 6 apps open without problems.
My glass is scratch-free (haven\’t removed the protective screen it came with).
All my app needs are covered either through,, or 3rd party apps. I don\’t play games except Angry Birds though, so can\’t say how it is for this.
I use it for offline navigation (offline map for Egypt is far from complete), seeing HD movies through HDMI cable, music playback (no gapless though), music through FM transmitter, emails, calendar reminder (syncing with macbook, could also sync through google), photography, basic internet surfing, eBook reading (thanks to Albite Reader), RSS news reading (widget on homescreen), identifying songs (Soundhound, needs internet), Anglemeter, basic document viewing (will be upgraded in future to Microsoft Office!), sending files over wifi to phones pcs macs (Dukto), and other things.

While it does not have beautiful transitions, I am happy that I get 1-3 days of battery, depending on usage.

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