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Review of site and way to make some extra cash.

Today I will present to you one site which called PixProfit.com. As home must confirm that map appears to be well and the way of work is described well by the employer. Work in site represents typing the text from pictures.Each person can do this, but profits depend on the speed of the typing. The site is very convenient and you can work when you want.Payment is $1 for 1000 pictures. You can download them when reach the amount of $3.Paying methods are many.You should simply to make account in any known online bank,as PayPal. You will receive your money on the same day when you are requested them and do not wait with days or weeks. As each site for work there is a bonus for correct work.The bonuses will be distributed each day.Profits are handed out of five worker as each of them receive different percentage. I am received numerous payments from there and I know that site really pay. I am not have seen similar site in internet space. The only thing that you need to know is English Š°lphabet to decode inscriptions.Your work helps to digitize books and papers and defined as data-entering.Nowdays captcha codes necessity increased in a few past years: e-mail, shopping and many more websites now require it to be inputted. The work of this site is to provide people with poor hearing and vision as asure to them access to web-resources they need. So your work is humane besides everything else.Users of this site can team up into groups. Each user can join any group if he has invitation. Invitation can be obtained from a group leader who has unused invitations and willing to invite a user into his group. For example, it can be sent by email.I’ll describe to also Stand-Alone service.At special page posited in the site you can earn more money.That is the way to earn: Sign up at PixProfit as many times as you need, Join all these accounts to your group, where your account is this group leader, Give accounts to people, that will work at our standalone page, Pay them less than $1 for a thousand correctly typed pictures, take the rest,Real Profit!

Mahmood Akhter

Dear Sir,
I want to become a member of pixprofit as alone. If this is possible. And how can I register myself as I have no invitation from any one. Kindly reply me.


Hi just click register from the first page and do not fill the field invitation,if you can’t and you still have desire to participate I’ll send you invitation and my rate is $0.80 per 1000 images.


Good post..

Indra Kaesar

Dear ivaylo2009,

I would like to register and join in the pixandprofit.com and the problem is I don’t have any invitation code to put in the registration form. I am delighted if you would like to send me ones through my e-mail. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


I would like to register and join in the pixamdprofit.com and i am not getting invitation code to put in the registration form.I am delighted if you would like to send me ones through my e-mail.I would be very thankful to you.


For All Who Have Desire For Invitation Code Send Me Messagge On This E-Mail:


:) writing is very good and beneficial to share :)


please tell me pixandprofit invitation code
send me at kickforyou@gmail.com

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