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Have you ever experienced the need to look for the websites of different computer stores in the Philippines? Or are you just looking for the right computer store that sells the exact item you need? Look no further – here’s an up-to-date compilation of the online pages of computer stores in the Philippines.

Even at an era of Ebay, Paypal, and online shopping, there are just times when you want to get out of the house and embark on an actual shopping expedition. For technophiles and geeks like me, there’s that unique sensation you get from actually going inside a computer store – there’s the wonderful smell of new electronics, the gleam of silver and chrome on display, that mouth-watering feeling you get as you handle the latest gadgets you can’t afford to buy. Before spending the entire day shopping, though, it’s still best to plan ahead. Most computer shops have websites, too, complete with product lists and store locators to help you find that particular item you’re looking for at the best price. Visiting these sites will help you plot your course for your computer shopping expedition. 

For geeks, technophiles, or just the average gadget or gizmo consumer in the Philippines, here are some of the websites of popular local computer stores to get you started:


5th Ave. Electronic City

This site seems to be pretty new, with an “under construction” feel to it. The products page is still incomplete, with only a couple of listings, so it’s likely that you won’t be able to find the product you’re looking for here. It also features a “shop online” page, though the reviewer has yet to try this out. 


The site has an excellent product listing, an online shopping cart, and a store locator. There’s even a tech support submission page and a listing of available store jobs in case you’re job hunting. If you’re not a big fan of the color yellow, the site’s colors can get quite irksome if you stay for some time.

CDR King

No list of computer store websites would be complete without a mention of CDR King. The website of this hugely popular store includes a teeming list of products from accessories to wrist rests. Each listed item has its own page with price, specs, and support info. Stock status is also posted. The Branch Locator is located conveniently at the top panel, with a complete list of store branches with store address, telephone number, and operating hours posted. The site’s home page also has listings on latest products, current promos, news updates, and price updates. There’s also an FAQs as well as a Tips and Articles section with helpful info and how to’s on different tech and gadget topics. There’s even a Downloads section for device drivers.

Comp Link

The Comp Link site has an easy-to-navigate product listing with complete specs for each product. You can also shop online, with options to pay via Paypal or WeePay. Interestingly, it has a  Reviews page with only a single review listed.


Although the small, grey, block-type text can be quite off-putting at first, the site is packed with items and products so that you’ll likely find something here. Products are grouped into just five major categories – laptops/notebooks, components/upgrades, accessories, digicams, and other gadgets – and each category just shows a list of all available items. You can click each individual item to reveal more details about the product. The site also has an Articles section that contains a hodgepodge of tips, news items, and store policies. There’s also a store listing with maps of each store and contact info available.


Strictly speaking, Datablitz is more of a games than a computer store. It has such an impressive site though, with an exhaustive list of available game titles categorized according to console and genre that the reviewer couldn’t help including it in the list. It even includes a list of new game releases and upcoming game titles. In addition to computer games, the site also features software, books, and gaming accessories available on the store. It also has a separate Jobs section for jobseekers, and a pretty complete store locator page.


This is a pretty straightforward site. Too straightforward, in fact, that it might appear to be lacking in content. The Products page can be quite disappointing with only four categories listed (laptops & desktops, cameras, accessories, and mobile phones) and a brand subcategory for each. The store locator is informative though, with complete listings of all branches plus the contact info for each. It also has an “Ask” page where you can submit your queries online.

Gaisano Interpace Computer Systems

This bright yellow site very much looks like one of the flyers you see distributed in SM mall. The site layout needs fixing and there are lots of troublesome or missing links on the main menu. There is, however, an updated pricelist for download as well as complete store listings available, which can still make this site somehow pretty useful for computer gadget-hunters, especially those in Visayas and in Mindanao.

HMR Philippines

HMR is pretty much a general surplus store selling a broad range of products from car seats to furniture and appliances and kitchenware. If you’re looking for computers and computer gadgets though, it also carries several items, which you can find in the Computers section of the main navigation bar.

Laptop King

For a computer store that so far has a single branch in Gilmore, Laptop King has an impressive website. True to its name, you’ll have little trouble looking for the right laptop here. You can search available laptops according to brand, processor type, memory, video adaptor, hard drive, screen.., the list goes on. This is a very useful feature for the undecided laptop buyer, even if you decide later not to buy from the actual store. The site also includes an updated pricelist you can download, and has complete store contact info available.

MDR Microware Sales, Inc.

MDR is not really a computer store. It’s a big supplier of computers and electronics to the Visayas and Mindanao. It’s still a good idea to check out their site though to check for computer products available in the country. Most likely the products listed on this site are what you can see on sale locally. Just select a subcategory on the left panel to look for an item. Each listing will either give you a brief rundown of the item’s specs or redirect you to the manufacturer’s product page for more details. Since this is just a supplier page, products aren’t priced.


What’s striking about this site is its “proud to be Pinoy” feel – from the undulating Philippine flag at the top of the side panel to the red, white and blue design. Although the store navigation is easy to use and the branch list is complete with pictures and contact info, the products listing is sadly lacking in content and haphazardly designed. Besides the obvious lack of items, those which do appear lack any description. This is kind of sad for a shop that boasts of being a “computer superstore”.

PC Bodega

In this site you are greeted with a brochure-like array of product categories that the store has in stock. Listed products complete descriptions, though the default font size may appear too small for some. There’s a useful FAQs as well as a Support section on the site, as well as pricelists that you can download for future reference. You can also place orders on the site via the Shopping Cart feature, although its contents can’t be retained after one hour of leaving the site. There are also links to a Bargain Corner and a Forums section hidden inside the Purchase Help page, although these appear sadly out of date.

PC Corner

Although the design of this site tends to be more on the cluttered side, finding an item or a product is easy so you might just be willing to overlook that fault. It has a pricelist you can download, as well as a support page (a plus, always). The store page is pretty informative too, with complete listings and contact info.

PC Express

The look of this site is crisp and clean. Browsing through products is easy to do, with complete descriptions of each item. You can create your own account, shop online, or download pricelists for different categories. It also has a “compare” feature where you can select products for comparison later, as well as a “wishlist” option for members. It has a promo page like other sites for budget-conscious shoppers. You better look for the store list, however, under the “News” section.

PC Gilmore Computer Center

This is hands-down the best store site so far. Although the layout appears generic, its easy navigability makes it a winner. Products are grouped into categories, all store branches are conveniently found at the bottom of the page for quick reference, and the downloadable pricelist is the first thing you’ll see at the top of the side panel. Complete contact info are listed for each store, including a YM messenger button where you can chat instantly with store personnel. There’s even a map link to show you the exact location of each store.  In addition to individual products for retail, the site also lists the specs and prices for product packages. What’s more, it has a “Do It Yourself” feature where you can choose available models and brands of computer parts (processor, memory, hard drive, monitor, etc…) and the site will compute the total cost for you. All of the product specs have a print-friendly page, too.

It appears that this site was really created with customer service in mind. It has a pretty active Forums section, something you won’t find in most other local computer store sites. This is in addition to the FAQs page where most common queries are listed. And it has a Tech Reviews page too, which fares considerably better than CompLink’s solitary review. In addition it has a News section that includes writeups on the latest gadget, software, and hardware releases (no date on individual articles, though, so you can’t really say how “new” is the news). It also has a Careers page for job hunters as well as an Events page that’s regularly updated. All-in-all, this is an excellently crafted and maintained site.


The site looks like a mix of Tropicana and Dora the Explorer. Don’t bother looking for items on this site – even if it has a Products list it has no items listed. In fact, of all the links in the main menu only the Home page has content, which is an updated list of recent news releases and promos. One of these days, though, the site may just get its act together, so it may still find some use in the future.

Premium Logic

The color scheme (yellow and purple) of this site is quite appealing. Its four-column layout though, packed with image and flash ads, may be a bit too cluttered for comfort. Products are listed according to category (laptop, printer, etc.) as well as brand. The pricelist, though located on top, is quite hard to distinguish from the other elements of the page. Promos and desktop packages are also featured on the site, as well as a store list with contact info. The News page is sadly outdated, with a lone post dating back to 2007. Which is why it’s not too surprising to find that the “Premium Forums” link was dead as well.

RSun Computers

This simple, unassuming site is packed with neat features, so it comes second place to PC Gilmore. It has a complete, categorized Products list, an easy-to-use Product Finder, as well as a swell Mix & Match page where you can compute the cost of a do-it-yourself desktop CPU using available components. In addition, it devotes pages to new products and best-selling items. What’s unique to this site is its online shopping Tracking link as well as a Warranty checker page that you cannot find in other sites. It has a map of its stores though only telephone details are posted, as well as an FAQ page. It also has an informative, updated Blog which contains not just product releases and promos but reviews, how tos, demos, and tech tips as well.

Silicon Valley

This site has a modern, clean look to it, which is refreshing after browsing through the jampacked pages of other stores. It has a decent product list with a short writeup for each product and a link to the manufacturer’s website. It has a store list, which well, lists all branches with contact info (no pictures or maps though). It features promos and an update page that was last updated in December 2009. The Awards page is pretty impressive, even if it is without much practical value. All in all, this site is eye candy and functional too.

TCA (The Computer Authority)

The TCA site looks and feels like one of its brochures – you’re greeted with a listing of featured products with a thumbnail and a price. The product navigation panel is easy to use, although the listed products could use more specs. Much like a brochure, it has a basic list of all store branches. This is a simple and straightforward site, though it has not been updated since 2007.


Much like other sites, the Villman page is busy with flash graphics and a four-column layout. You are greeted with a listing of recent promos and events, which is useful for bargain hunters looking for a deal. New as well as featured products are listed at the bottom of the home page for gadget and gizmo enthusiasts. A product navigation panel is located at the side. The product listing is satisfactory, with complete descriptions of each item as well as the price. Like other computer stores, Villman has an online shopping option but you need to register first. A great feature of this site is the “Sale” page, which lists all items on sale and/or bundled with freebies. The online store experience is complete with flyers available for download. If you’re itching to go to a real store, the site has a store directory complete with address and telephone details.    

So there you have it… now go and plot your computer shopping spree. Feel free to say so in the comments section if there are some store sites not listed here. Your own feedback and experiences with these stores will also be greatly appreciated.  You can also show your appreciation for the writer/article by clicking on the ‘I Like!’ button :)


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