Myxer: Free Music, Videos and Apps for Your Phone

Myxer: Free music, videos and apps for your phone.

Myxer: Free music, videos and apps for your phone. 

Myxer is an online site where you can get free music, apps, wallpaper and videos for your phone .

The picture below shows a screen shot of the website myxer. Click it to be directed to the Myxer website.

There are a few websites out there that offer free music and apps etc for your phone. However this is the best one I have come across. The layout is pretty neat and all the the majority of the content on the site is free. 

The site has over 42 million people downloading content from the site.

Myxer has over 8 million songs, wallpapers apps and videos for you to choose from.

There is alos an option to create your own wallpaper and ringtones from music you already own, but at a better quality then you’ve had before.

If you have a phone and you are into apps, music, video then you will want to check out myxer.


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