Mobile Apps for Songwriters, Singers, Rappers, Poets

Music production company branches out to the world of mobile app development and creates a line of tools designed for today’s music artists.

In this new age of mobility, the need for tools that go with you everywhere are becoming more of a necessity than a convenience. In my experiences as a music producer and engineer I see this is very clearly the case with the fast pace music industry as artists are constantly on the move – going from city to city, studio to studio, venue to venue, etc. Now the main observations I’ve made from this are (1) not every artist carries a computer or laptop with them, but (2) almost all of them carry a smart phone or mobile device of some kind and (3) there was a definite lack of certain types of tools for mobile devices that would be very useful for them.


The first app I am highlighting in this article is the probably the most obvious one that would come from from a music production company, and is probably the most basic element music artists require - background instrumentals to write and perform to. Hip Hop Beat Factory’s Mobile Beatsis a free app that allows you to browse, preview and purchase beats/instrumentals directly from your mobile device. Payments are made through Pay Paland beat download links are delivered to your email address so you can download them right to your mobile device. You can download it for FREE for your Android from the Google Play Store Here. At the time of this article it has also been submitted to the BlackBerry App World for PlayBook and will be available soon. Unfortunately certain restrictions on Apple iOS have so far prevented me from porting this app to iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.

Next up we have an app I designed because I can’t tell you how many lyric notebooks have been left in my studio or lost on the way to the studio, or forgotten at home and the artist had to rewrite everything or go all the way home to get it, and so on. LyrixPro Songwriter’s Pad is the app that allows you to have an electronic lyric notebook that with you at all times.

Features include:

  • in app MP3 player with standard controls and auto repeat (Android and BlackBerry Devices).
  • iTunes player controls built in. Pause, Play, Previous and Next (iOS Devices).
  • save and reload lyrics to the app
  • save lyrics to text file for printing
  • email your song lyrics
  • in app links to online song writing tools – rhyme dictionary and thesaurus

This app is available on for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on iTunes here, for Android on the Google Play Store here, and on the App World for BlackBerry PlayBook here.

This next app was designed for artists to use in several ways. FreeStyle Recorder HDA is simple, single track mobile recording studio for your freestyles, song ideas, or poetry to be recorded anywhere over music or instrumentals.

Features include:

  • Load any mp3 from your device.
  • Export vocal recording as a seperate WAV file so you can import it to your favorite desktop mixing or editing software.
  • Individual volume controls for beat and vocals for a better mix when bounced to mp3 from app.
  • Export final recording with the beat mixed to an mp3 file for sharing.
  • Built in SoundCloud MP3 uploader to share directly to your account from the app!
  • Adjust latency of the vocals and instrumental for accurate playback and mp3 export.
  • Built in beat store (added mobile beat store to the app so you don’t need to download both if you have this app).

Again restrictions on iOS devices have prevented me from porting this app to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You can get it for Android on the Google Play Store here, and App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook here.

The final app I’m highlighting here is basically all of the apps combined into one. FreeStyle Recorder HDA Plusis the ultimate artist/songwriters tool as it provides all the important wantsand needs of the artist into one app. No need to repeat the features list as everything this app does was mentioned already in the other descriptions above. Unfortunately this isn’t for iOS either.

You can get this app for Android on the Google Play Store here, and the App World for BlackBerry PlayBook here.

As always my website is always available for your music production needs – Hip Hop, Rap, R &B, Pop, Soul, Beats, Instrumentals, Mixing, Mastering, Recording

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