Mark of The Beast Required for Apple Ipad Purchase

Apple says no cash accepted for Ipad purchase…

I love Apple products. They are superior to Windows/PC platforms, in my humble opinion. I used to repair Apple products for a living and have a large closet dedicated to vintage Apple machines and parts. I just wanted to make that clear before I start bashing them…

Apple says cash is not good enough to purchase some of their products. At the time of writing this, Apple has not specifically stated a reason for their anti-cash policy. Bad idea, Apple people. Now meanies like me will speculate up and down the Internet as to why you are doing something that is so shady…

The mark of the beast thing is a joke, kind of. I’m not religious, at all, but I do follow world news and I am aware of intentions from world leaders to have us all “chipped” like dogs. They warmed us up with credit cards. Then it was replacing our checks with more plastic, debit cards. Then they put bar codes on our drivers licenses and now, there are companies that have already perfected the chip technology. So does Apple know something that I don’t? Is the next step going to be, no Apple purchases without your chip implant?

Seriously, what is going on here in a method of control. Big brother needs to see everything you are doing. Every time I purchase a pack of smokes or a bottle of wine, I have to have my drivers license scanned. All medical records are in the process of becoming electronic. Just ask General Electric…they are the technology behind electronic medical records. Why does my washing machine manufacturer want in on this business? Well, I digress, but this is important. Privacy is a thing of the past and cash is just too private.

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Well, if my cash isn’t good enough for them, then their products are not good enough for me! Period! And the fact that they will not make that sale will be 100% their fault, not mine.

I’ve written about the chip implants, too. While I don’t subscribe to the whole “mark of the beast” thing. I do think we should include within our religions an anti chip implant stand.

Thou Shall Not Chip.


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