Making Music with Windows

How to make music for yourself with Windows.

The common misconception is that you need a Mac to do things like edit video and make music. And this misconception seems to have come about from some clever advertising from Apple and has no real actual basis. There’s nothing you can do with a Mac that you can’t do with Windows.

In fact it is really the other way around. Mac users have a much harder time getting software which works for them and usually have to resort to booting up in Windows just to do things most Windows users can do easily.

The only resitrction is that you can’t use GarageBand. Now if you haven’t heard of it before GarageBand is a program (or app as I think they call them) which lets users play music from their computer. It is basically a digital studio with less features than a lot of the PC alternatives but Apple dressed it up to make people want it. But actually there are tons of GarageBand for Windows tools which make a better job of making music. Some people go around telling people that they need to buy an Apple Mac if they really want to do creative stuff like make music. But this is nonsense because the only tools you can’t use are not high quality anyway.

In general making music doesn’t really require a high powered PC. You don’t need to worry about your graphics power but a faster processor will let you compile the finished song a little faster. You’ll never really be in a rush for this kind of thing though so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. I would suggest you make sure you watch your hard drive space because the samples and half finished tracks can really stack up. Especially when you’re saving your tracks in high quality format and not tiny little MP3s. Yes, this might require more space but you’re not going to get anywhere in music making small MP3 files.

All you really need is a decent DAW and a pair of headphones. You also need a computer but considering you’re reading this article I’ll make a safe bet and assume you have that part covered. There is a lot of extra equipment (and I man I do mean A LOT) you can add to this but don’t worry about it to start with. There’s no point in making things harder for yourself and I know more than a few people who have gone pretty far into their overdrafts just to get started when they didn’t need to. Heck I know people who make a living as a full time DJ still going into debt buying equipment. Stick with the basics and crawl before you walk.

GarageBand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Good work thank you for sharing.


What is DAW? In simple terminology plz, Lol. But I found this article to be very interesting in finding out just what is needed for making music on a windows based computer. Thank You very much.

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