Laptops vs. Desktop Computers

Describing laptos advantages and disadvantages against desktop computers.

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In information age, computers especially personal computers became an icon. PCs, which designed computers for end users, became very popular because of necessities. The necessities may be home and job works, using internet, having good time and data storing. PCs are being produced as a desktop computer, a laptop computer and a tablet computer. All of them are named to personal computers but they have very different properties. In this paper I will describe the differences between laptops and desktop computers, and compare their properties as portability, screen and keyboard size, cost, performance, durability and security.   

In fact laptops are produced to make computers portable. So that portability is the biggest difference with laptops and desktop computers. Desktop computers cannot be used everywhere. It can be a serious problem because in some works, people need to work free of four wall. For example engineers have to work in outdoor with computers. So they must choose a portable computer as a laptop. However, if you need to move only your projects (photos, files, etc.) not your computer, you don’t have to buy a laptop. There are several methods to make your files portable. You can burn your projects into CD or DVD. If there is an internet connection in where you want to move them you can send your files to internet host. Else portable USB discs can be used to move your projects.

When people are buying a new computer, they care about computers screen and keyboard sizes, RAM and processor capacities and cost. Desktop computers have bigger sized screen and better performances than laptops with lower prices. So that if you want to have big screened and a performance monster PC with lower cost you must choose desktop computers. Generally to make laptops moveable easily, their screen and keyboard sizes are small. When you are watching film or playing 3D games with computer, screen size is very important. Game lovers, usually want big keyboard to control their characters in games. There are big screened laptops but their costs are very high. So laptops are not too good for watch a film or play a 3D game. However to do office works, data storing, using internet, laptops and desktop computers do not matter. Contrasts to these, some applications require high capabilities hardwires as extra RAMs and good processor. If you want to use these programs like rendering applications, you can choose a desktop computer not to waste your money. Laptop technology is a bit different from desktop computers’ technology, because of portability. Laptops’ hardwires are more expensive than desktops’ so that laptops which have same capabilities with desktops, has higher cost.

Computer users want from own computers durability. Although desktops use city power system, laptops use a battery for power. Using battery causes problems. In some works, users have to work with computer in a long time. If they use a laptop without charging, they have to finish their works in 2-4 hours. So users have to choose desktop computer or buy a secondary battery to work long time. Secondly, working long time, makes computers hardwires’ temperature is high. It is very dangerous for hardwires. To keep from that, there are holes and fans on computers cases. When using laptops, users’ clothes may close down current of air. So that hardwires become warm. Laptop users have to care about that, but it is not important for desktop computer users. The other making hardwires warm is broken fans. Fans’ balances can break down when laptops are moving.  If fans do not work well, hardwires’ temperature become very high and hardwires can burn. So that laptop users have to care about working fans truly.

Security is important for computer users to save their projects and data. In present days there are very thieves who are stealing computers because of their high costs. To steal a laptop is easier than a desktop computer. For example if you leave your laptop to car, it can be easily stolen with crashing car’s window. So that laptop users have to more care about their laptops security than desktop computer users do.  Laptop producers are working to solve this problem. They are installing new applications on Laptop’s bios, to find hot laptop’s location via Internet Protocol Number (IP number) when laptop connected to internet. So that police can rescue laptop from thieves easily. This method is applying for cars now and it works really well.

This paper has compared laptops’ and desktop computers’ properties and cost. All these differences, portability, cost, screen size, performance and durability show us that they can have same performance and quality in very different cost. If portability is most important for your works, you have to choose laptop. Else, you have to buy desktop computer not to waste your money. 


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