iPhone Five vs. Siii War

IPhone five has just been launched and is not even in the hands of the users and yet the war has started.

Every single article I have seen on internet whether is to review Android Phones like Samsung SIII, or iPhone, the comments seem to be filled with an army of supporters of both sides criticizing and putting down each other.

I find it very strange that it should happen.   Years ago, this type of heated argument seems isolated to only religion.   My religion is better than yours.   Your religion sucks because…

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So does this mean that the phone platform has some how become a religion of sorts.   Who are these high priest that controls the temple and preach their beliefs?

Another interesting fact is that all the participants that are shooting at each other are mostly males.   I have not seen any female participant arguing which is better.   Maybe they are the ones that find this kind of fight childish, in fact the latest argument is mine is bigger than yours.   I guess it is a male thing to argue and say what they bought is better.

Could it be that each of them are trying justify their purchase even in this financially challenging time?  Personally, I find both platforms to have their positives and don’t really care whether which one wins as the best device.   What really matters is does it meet my requirements?   

Just as in the cola wars in days past, who cares which one taste better, both are making tons of money.   In this particular case, it looks like the biggest winners are Apple and Samsung.   Other Android phone companies still get a share but what they earn are more like scraps that fall from the tables of these two giants.

So what do you think, are this rivalry between the supporters worth getting involved in?  At the end of day, does it really matter?

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I would like apple.


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